This template is designed to provide you with a blank template that you can use to create a portfolio template that is specifically for your school/school district/teacher preparation program. It can be used for creating either Professional Portfolios or Student Portfolios.  It is just a matter of which standards you are using for alignment.

These directions are for your convenience and should be removed from this front page.

Cover Page:
This cover page will serve as your introduction. It is typically used to provide the student/educator with a place to introduce the reader to who he/she is, why they are creating this portfolio and what their future plans are with this topic or field. A photo of the portfolio creator is often included here.

Artifact Matrix:
The artifact matrix is the hub of this portfolio. It is the primary intersection of artifacts and standards. The artifact matrix places the artifacts at the middle of the portfolio while providing a record of which standards are being addressed. You will notice that there are links directly from the matrix page to the artifact pages as well as to the individual standards.

Artifact Pages:
The artifact pages provide descriptions and reflections for each of the artifacts. This is NOT the actual artifact. It has a link to the actual artifact, but these pages provide the reader with the background information about the artifact before actually sharing the artifact.

Standards Overview:
The standards overview will be the same in each portfolio. The student/educator who is creating this portfolio will not make any changes to this template. It will be provided with the standards, descriptions and links by the school/school district/teacher preparation program/organization that develops the portfolio template.

Individual Standards Pages:
Each of the individual standards pages has an empty 2-column table. The left column holds the title of the artifact and the right column holds its description. The portfolio creator needs to create the links from the artifact titles to the artifact pages (NOT the artifact itself)

This template was left without a background theme for simplicity. Add your own theme to personalize your portfolio.

For more information, visit the Digital Portfolios Made Easy (DPME) site.

Special thanks to Andrew Krumm, Robin Galloway, Magda Galloway and Jason Vetter in the development of this portfolio format.