Illinois Energy Roadmap Project

The Illinois Energy Roadmap Project is a collaborative effort funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and led by the Illinois Department of Commerce to chart the future course for energy efficiency and renewable energy in Illinois.  The Illinois Energy Roadmap Project seeks to bolster State and regional energy planning by facilitating stakeholder and inter-agency discussions and related activities concerning: 

     (1)  the future direction of the energy sector in the State and region, with emphasis on the electric power sector as well as natural gas supply and transport; and, 

     (2)  optimize how energy efficiency and renewable energy fit into the vision for the future. 

As a first step, the Illinois Energy Roadmap Project applied advanced modeling techniques to simulate the operation of the regional power grid to get a sense of how the state's current energy policies perform in future years.  These preliminary results have been collected in a Goals Status Report.  

The next step for the Illinois Energy Roadmap Project is to work with stakeholders to develop approaches that can enable energy efficiency and renewable energy to promote economic development, meet current and future environmental goals, and maintain regional grid stability.

The Department invites stakeholders and citizens to provide recommendations for the future of energy efficiency and renewable energy at regional meetings or by email.  Comments will be collected and posted on the Documents and Stakeholder Input page of this website, and will serve as guidance for additional modeling and analysis to generate firm recommendations for policymakers and administrators.

To date, we have held regional meetings for stakeholders in Springfield and Chicago.  Presentations from those events can be found on the Documents and Stakeholder Input page of the website.

Interested parties can submit formal recommendations concerning the Goals Status Report through March 31, 2016 by email to mpruitt1@iit.edu