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2008: Augustana College

Joint Meeting of the


Illinois Classical Conference




AMICI, The Iowa Association of Classicists


October 10-12, 2008

Augustana College, Rock Island IL



N.B. All sessions on Saturday take place at Augustana College in Old Main;

all sessions on Sunday take place at Stoney Creek Inn in the Blackhawk Room.




  ۩       Friday, October 10, 2008       ۩ 


I.C.C. Advisory Council Meeting   ۩   5:007:30 P.M.

Presidential Suite, Stoney Creek Inn

Presider:  Alice Mulberry, Ray Elementary School, President, I.C.C.


Conference Registration   ۩   4:309:30 P.M.

Lounge, Stoney Creek Inn


Social   ۩   7:309:30 P.M.

Lounge and Bar, Stoney Creek Inn


  ۩       Saturday, October 11, 2008       ۩ 


Conference Registration   ۩   8:30 A.M. 5:00 P.M.   ۩   Old Main 121


Book Exchange   ۩   8:30 A.M. 5:00 P.M.   ۩   Old Main Parlor 121

Chairman:  Marilyn Brusherd, Editor, Augur


Books/Materials Exhibit   ۩   8:30 A.M. 5:00 P.M.   ۩   Old Main 124

Chairman:  Brian Tibbets, Monmouth-Roseville H.S.


Session I   ۩   9:00–10:15 A.M.   ۩   Old Main 122


Panel:  Building Ties between College and High School Latin Programs

Presider:  Carin Green, University of Iowa

Organizer:  Ariana Traill:  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Francesca Tataranni, Northwestern University

James Chochola, Lane Tech Preparatory High School

Ariana Traill, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Laurie Jolicoeur, Lyons Township High School


Break   ۩   10:1510:30 A.M.


Session II   ۩   10:30–12:00 A.M.   ۩   Old Main 122


Telling the Truth:  Persians, Families, and Oracles

Presider:  Lee Brice, Western Illinois University


Drauga:  Persian Lies in Herodotus

Billie Cotterman, University of Iowa


Mothers and Children:  Adoption in the Sanctuary of Asclepius

Carin M. C. Green, University of Iowa


Menander’s Violent Oikos

Madeleine M. Henry, Iowa State University


Greek Oracles in a Christian Setting:  The Citations of Didymus the Blind

Mischa Hooker, Augustana College


Lunch   ۩   12:00–2:00 P.M   ۩    Old Main


Presider: Alice Mulberry, Ray Elementary School; President, I.C.C.

Invocator:William Napiwocki, St. Joseph College Seminary, Loyola University


Luncheon Presentation   ۩   1:002:00 P.M.   ۩   Old Main 122

(Co-sponsored by the Western Illinois Society of the Archaeological Institute of America)

Introduction:  Tom Banks, Professor Emeritus, Augustana College

Speaker:  Jane Borelli, Professor Emerita, Augustana College

Oscar Broneer, World-Class Archaeologist:  from Brâna to Isthmia, by way of Augustana College

  ۩       Saturday, October 11, 2008       ۩ 


Business Meetings   ۩   2:15–3:15 P.M.


ICC   ۩   Old Main 122

Presider:  Alice Mulberry, Ray Elementary School; President, I.C.C.


AMICI   ۩   Old Main 125

Presider:  Cindy Smith, Loras College, AMICI Consul


Break   ۩   3:153:30 P.M


Session III   ۩   3:30–5:00 P.M.   ۩   Old Main 122


Building Bridges Between the Ancient and Modern World

Presider:  Emil Kramer, Augustana College


Bridging the Empire:  Religion and Engineering in Roman Mérida

Carl Springer, Southern Illinois University


Plato’s Forms and Evolutionary Psychology

Tom Banks, Professor Emeritus, Augustana College


Medieval Manuscripts as a Teaching Tool in the Latin Classroom

Mark Thorne, Wheaton College


Meeting of J.C.L. Sponsors   ۩   5:00 P.M.   ۩   Old Main 122

Presider:  Christopher Condrad, Barrington High School


Meeting of Eta Sigma Phi Sponsors   ۩   5:00 P.M.   ۩   Old Main 125

Presider:  Carin Green, University of Iowa


Banquet   ۩   The Brown Bottle,

1624  Fifth Avenue, Moline, IL


                                             Reception   ۩   6:007:00 P.M., Cash Bar                             

Dinner   ۩   7:00 P.M.

Presider:  Alice Mulberry, Ray Elementary School; President, I.C.C.

Invocator:  William Napiwocki, St. Joseph College Seminary, Loyola University


2008 Awards

Presenter:  Vicki Wine, Monmouth College


Banquet Presentation

Introduction: Cynthia Smith, Loras College; College Consul, AMICI

Speaker:  Kathryn Thomas, Creighton University

Early Midwestern Contributors to the Classical Journal – and Mussolini



  ۩       Sunday, October 12, 2008       ۩ 


Session IV   ۩   9:00–10:15 A.M.   ۩   Blackhawk Room   ۩   Stoney Creek Inn


Latin Pedagogy

Presider:  Anna Reiff, Amos Alonzo Stagg H.S.


Latin Songs Students Like to Sing in Class

Virginia K. Hellenga, Monmouth College


Authentic Stories in the Latin One Classroom

Elisa C. Denja, Northwestern Gifted and Talented Program and Bochazy-Carducci Publishers,

and LeaAnn Osburn, Our Lady of the Elms High School and Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers


A Student Project for Intermediate Latin Poetry Classes:  Writing a Literary Translation

Marcia H. Lindgren, Director of the Latin Program, University of Iowa,

with Life Blumberg and Joshua Langseth, University of Iowa


Break   ۩   10:1510:30 A.M.


Session V   ۩   10:30–11:45 A.M.   ۩   Blackhawk Room   ۩   Stoney Creek Inn


Current National Issues in Secondary Latin Education

Presider:  Amanda Woodruff, Valley H.S.


The Fate of the AP Latin Literature Exam:  Where Do We Stand?

Alice Mulberry, Ray Elementary School; President, I.C.C.


ACL/APA National Standards for Latin Teacher Preparation: Soliciting your Input

John Gruber-Miller, Cornell College,

member of the ACL/APA Joint Task Force on Latin Teacher Preparation


Break   ۩   11:45 A.M. 12:00 P.M.


Lunch and Business Meeting   ۩   12:001:30 P.M.

Johnny's Italian Steakhouse,

1300 River Drive,  Moline IL

Presider:  Alice Mulberry, Ray Elementary School; President, I.C.C.

Invocator:  William Napiwocki, St. Joseph College Seminary, Loyola University




I.C.C. Officers

President………….………Alice Mulberry

Vice-President….…………...Emil Kramer

Secretary………………….Steve Pilewski

Treasurer…………….….Elizabeth Skoryi


AMICI Officers

College Consul……………… Cindy Smith

High School Consul…………………..TBA

Secretary-Treasurer…....John Gruber-Miller

Local Committee

Vicki Wine, Chair

Tom Banks

Kirsten Day

Mischa Hooker

Emil Kramer


C.E.U.’s will be available through
Monmouth College

Welcome ICC and AMICI comites to the Quad Cities this October! Emil Kramer and I are looking forward to our conference and introducing you to what our fair cities have to offer.


The most important thing right now is to note that Stoney Creek Inn of Moline (101 18th Street) needs your room reservation by Sept. 19 for our conference rate, $85. Call 800-659-2220 and ask for Illinois Classical Conference rooms. They have even extended their usual timetable to accommodate us. If we need more rooms and you let me know before the deadline, I can make those arrangements. Of course, there are other motels that are less expensive and farther away from the river, if that suits your budget better. The Inn encourages you to stay over at the conference rate Sunday night and enjoy the holiday weekend in the Quad-Cities a little more. You can check the Web site for all the amenities at


Then, you need to send me your registration form by Oct. 2 (earlier if you want the discount). I designed the registration form so that you mark what I need to know (choices and amounts owed), and can keep the sheet of information about entrees.


As you can see from page 2, there are activities you can enjoy before the board meeting and social hour begin Friday evening. If you sign up for options, I can arrange groups, transportation, and guides. Feel free to e-mail me about other options or with changes in your original registration. I will coordinate groups accordingly. If you prefer to explore on your own, I can help you with further suggestions and directions. Some of the museums close at 4:00, but other activities are possible. The social hour allows you to arrive at your own pace and have a place to converse. The conference suite will be available after the social hour, and includes a whirlpool (so dress accordingly).


Those who aren’t meeting on the ICC Advisory Board can meet at 5:30 at the registration table and find a group to find a restaurant with on their own.


The program has something for everyone, an enticing variety, and timely topics. In addition, Illinois classicists have an opportunity to meet with their Iowa neighbors.


The Stoney Creek Inn has an inviting interior, with comfortable rooms, porches in the lounge area, and an extensive recreation area. You can walk or bicycle along the river from the hotel. Moline’s refurbished historic district is within walking distance. On Saturday, we will be meeting in Augustana College’s historic Old Main.


If there is more I can help you with, please write me or call me at 309-972-5252.


For traveling directions, see here.


Te videbo mox!

Vicki Wine

Joint Meeting of ICC (The Illinois Classical Conference) and AMICI (The Iowa Association of Classicists)

October 10-12, 2008, at Augustana College, Rock Island, IL


Registration Form


Name _______________________________________________________________


School or business _____________________________________________________


Mailing Address _______________________________________________________



                        (City)                                                     (State)                                   (Zip)

Telephone (Home) ____________________________ (Work) ____________________


Email address ___________________________________________________________


Payments and Meal Choices


Registration fee ($30 for ICC or AMICI member)…..…or:  $15 per person for_____New ICC Member; or _____ Student Registration                                $________

(08-09 dues may be paid at the meeting if not before.)


Pre-conference Friday afternoon activities (see p.2 for description):__ golf, __ Arsenal, ___ wine and/or beer, __ice cream (2:00, 3:00, 4:00), __ John Deere museum (2:00, 3:00)

___ geology museum (2:00), ___ something else at 4:00 (ice cream, chocolate, hiking)

Friday evening social (7:30); no charge, please indicate intent to attend:                    yes


Saturday lunch ($8.00): assorted sandwiches; vegetarian request___           $________


Saturday banquet  …One beverage with refill is included…         entrée      $________

(Chicken and veal entrees are served with salad, garlic bread, and side of spaghetti marinara.)

Please see the accompanying page for descriptions and mark your choices on this form.

___Lasagna;   ___Vegetarian Lasagna;  ___Cannelloni filled with your choice of:  ___three cheeses rolled with a slice of ham, ___ground beef and spinach flavored with wine, ___combination: 1 roll of each (cheese and beef)                                                ($19.50)

___Pasta Primavera ($22.00);   ___Seafood Primavera (shrimp and scallops; $24.50)                   

___Pollo al Marsala ($22.00);   ___Vitello alla Scaloppine ($23.00)


Circle choice of salad dressing on the side: creamy garlic, Italian vinaigrette, French, thousand island, Maytag bleu cheese, ranch, honey mustard)


Circle choice of dessert (if you prefer a glass of wine, you will be able to order it for about $6.00): Summer Delight ($6.50), Malt Shoppe Pie ($6.50), Tiramisu ($7.00), or Flourless Chocolate Cake ($7.00)                                                                     $ ________


Sunday brunch ($11)…(available menu choices: French Toast, Bruschetta, Tomato and Mozzarella, or Soup and Sandwich; includes non-alcoholic drink)                         $ ________


TOTAL  ENCLOSED (Please make check or money order payable to Illinois Classical Conference.)   Deduct $5 for early bird (9-26 postmark)!                                  $ ________                                         


N.B. Registration form and payment should be sent by 02 October 2008 to:

Vicki Wine, 3376 - 30th Ave., Rio, IL  61472 (, 309-972-5252)


Saturday banquet menu:

  • Lasagna ($19.50):  Pasta layered with a hearty meat sauce, selected herbs and cheeses, mushrooms, a slice of Italian ham, and mozzarella cheese.
  • Vegetarian Lasagna:  Layers of spinach pasta and various cheeses baked in a blend of creamy white and tomato sauces. Topped with melted mozzarella.
  • Cannelloni: Large tender tubes of pasta filled with your choice of:
    • three cheeses rolled with a slice of ham
    • ground beef and spinach flavored with wine
    • combination: 1 roll of each (cheese and beef)
  • Pasta Primavera ($22.00):  Angel hair pasta and a variety of fresh vegetables tossed together with a white wine and light cream sauce. Seafood Primavera (shrimp and scallops added; add $2.50)
  • Pollo al Marsala ($22.00): A boneless chicken breast baked in a rich Marsala wine sauce with fresh mushrooms, topped with mozzarella cheese.
  • Vitello alla Scaloppine ($23.00): Veal medallions topped with Canadian-style ham, melted mozzarella cheese, and a creamy mushroom sauce.

Dessert choices (you will be able to order to order a glass of wine for about $6.00):

Summer Delight: Freshly sliced seasonal fruit served with a dish of rainbow sherbet.

Malt Shoppe Pie: A frozen pie made with ice cream, chocolate malt, and malted milk balls in a graham cracker crust. Topped with a combination of marshmallow cream and whipped cream.

Tiramisu: Espresso soaked ladyfinger cakes layered with a creamy zabaglione filling.

Flourless Chocolate Cake: Rich, decadent cake served on a drizzle of raspberry sauce, topped with fresh whipped cream.


Friday afternoon pre-conference activities.

~ Someone will be available at the Inn starting at 1:00 to provide information, directions, and transportation.

~ Sign up on the registration form for the activities you are interested in, with an indication of preference (1 being the highest preference) and choice of times when available.

  • Golf outing at Saukie Golf Course, 2:00 tee-off ; $16 (add $9 for cart)
  • Arsenal Island (photo ID necessary): museum, confederate and national cemeteries, lock and dam, historic Colonel Davenport home (requires admission fee;; 2:00
  • Wine and beer tour (tastings at Lavendar Crest Winery, Blue Cat Brew Pub, Bent River Brewing Company (2:00)
  • John Deere museum (could be anytime; it’s two blocks down the street),
  • Ice cream run to Whitey’s ( 2:00, 3:00), or walk to Lagomarcino’s (4:00)
  • Augustana’s Fryxell Geology Museum (2:00),

Feel free to e-mail me about other options or with changes in your original registration. I will coordinate groups accordingly. If you won’t be here until 4:00, I’ll find something to suggest for that hour (ice cream, chocolate, shopping are within walking distance).