Illegal Immigrant Crime In Utah 2011

January 1st 2012. I created this blog to show the crime that we are seeing in Utah now that our politician's in our state have made us a Sanctuary City. I started this blog in February of 2011 and have two blogs associated with illegal immigrant crime. Some months on the (Illegal Immigrant Crime Statistics Flawed) tab are incomplete. You will however get a good idea of the crime we are seeing in Utah.

This has been a very long drawn out process, trying to maintain this blog and also trying to determine who are the illegal immigrants in this state committing crimes and who is not.

Not only have I seen criminals from the Latin countries but also criminals that are here illegally form the Middle East.  It is a dangerous situation that the Federal Government has put us in and also our State Leaders.

The real situation of Illegal Immigrant Crime is being hid from the public. The Hispanic population is being blamed for crimes committed by the Illegal Immigrants in our society. There is no distinction and for that I am very sad and feel that if the ACLU should jump on bandwagon this should be their 1st cause. This is the purest form of discrimination against a race I have ever seen. Legal Hispanics in Utah are law abiding, hard working citizens of the United States of America. Being pulled into this category is disgusting and our elected officials as far as I am concerned are being racist just to further their cause of businesses taking advantage of the Citizens of Utah.

In the Jail in Salt Lake City Utah they are listing Illegal Immigrants as White and United States Citizens unless they are deported. Illegal Immigrants 99% of the time are released back into society to repeat the same crime again.

The only way to solve our problem in Utah is to stop the laws that are being made on our own Capital Hill. That means everyone needs to vote and help those campaign to win election. Sitting and doing nothing or listening to a group of people trying to destroy our country has gotten us this. Now we need to change this back into a State where our Children can again work, our Construction Workers can again work and our society go back to being a safe place to live.

This blog is just a taste of what is really happening in Utah. The drugs here that are brought in by Cartels are killing our children. If our elected officials do not care then you as a citizen need to care.

Get up off the couch and get moving or one day you will be fighting for that couch to sit on. Vote, Vote, Vote. Rid the Utah State Capital of the
  and Vote for someone who will do the right thing.

Utah's citizen's are being lied to on a daily basis. We are in danger everyday, not only by our own citizens who commit crimes but also those who come here from other countries Illegally. 

Drinking and Driving without insurance and without a Drivers Privilege Card is common with those who break our laws by entering the country illegally. This puts us not only in danger on our roads and freeways, but these people can't be touched if they kill one of us, damage our cars or even kill one of our family members. If you are a citizen you can be sued. If you are an Illegal Immigrant there is nothing we can do to recoup what we have lost. I see this crime time and time again and not just once do they commit this crime but several times they are caught drinking and driving and there is no stopping them. If our own state won't stop this nonsense of allowing Illegal Immigrants to drive, we will be less safe on our roads.

There is also a problem of Illegal Immigrants not driving safe cars. Often tail lights are out, headlights not working, exhaust fumes out the back of cars, tires are balding and windows are broken. Illegal Immigrants do not register there cars or have them inspected. That is another crime that is not brought out into the open by our jails, media or politician's.

The Illegal Immigrant also has different laws concerning young girls and the legal age of sexual relations. There a many men who are in there middle 20's and 30's who have sexual relations with 13 year old girls. Our society pays for Anchor Children. As soon as a young Illegal Immigrant child starts to menstruate they are often given to the men to have sex with in order to get pregnant and get into the welfare system. Babies are money to Illegal Immigrants and Utah's laws put young children at risk by making it profitable to the parents by having their children at such a young age have babies. Under the age of 18 is considered Pedophilia in this state and is a crime. This is a crime against children, no matter what country they come from. These men are released back into society and often the parents say they gave the man permission for there daughter to have sex with the man.

Jails are not reporting who are in our state illegally breaking laws, unless they are being deported. They list them all as US Citizens, the Country of Birth is the State they live in, the race is always White but you will see Immigration Holds on the criminal or you will see they have had a driving privilege card that has been taken away. We do not have in place, any real way for us to see the real crime rates or what crimes are taking place by whom.

Another element of crime that is taking place among the Illegal Immigrant population are Assaults and Sexual Assaults On Women. Often these are also Illegal Immigrant women who are fearful for turning in the man who are beating them. Many of the crimes I am seeing are assaults on women and in front of children. The culture among many of the Illegal Immigrants in Utah are crimes against women and children. The Illegal Immigrant is removed from the home when the crime is committed but they return and harm again. This is also a very under reported crime in Utah.

Next is drug crime. This is an under reported crime in Utah also. Hanging out in front of every school is a dealer who is promising money and grandeur to our children to sell drugs on our streets. Drug Dealers are not stupid, they know an under age drug dealer will just get his or her hands slapped if caught. Why finish school? If you are promised big money for dealing drugs, you don't need school. Right? There are many arrests of illegal immigrants for driving around with under age children and giving them alcohol and drugs. As we have leaders on our own Capital Hill controlling our liquor laws, they forgot about DRUGS coming into this state, VIA MEXICO, San Salvador, Guatamala and DRUG CARTEL'S. It is easier to get Drugs in Utah then it is to get Alcohol. 

Please look at the top of the page for crimes in other cities and counties of Utah under Illegal Immigrant crime statistics flawed. There are far more than what is on the spreadsheets that have been created.  Utah makes it very hard to track illegal immigrant criminal's.