Following initial expressions of interest invited by Michael Delhaas the inaugural meeting of the association was held on 21/9/05 at the Ribbonwood Centre - Dapto. The first meeting attracted about a dozen individuals and a decision to proceed to form an association was taken.

It was decided that the second meeting would take place on 8/11/05 with the main agenda items being the structure of the proposed association and the possibility of striking a foundation/commemorative medal.

Although the formal structure was not finalised at the second meeting on 8/11/05 it was however decided that there will be only a single member category at this time with an annual membership fee of $20. A catagory for minors was also adopted with an annual fee of $10. All membership fees were reduced to $5 per year in 2007 after the association was granted dealer rights by the Royal Australian Mint

The meetings are now be held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Figtree RSL Bowling Club from 7.00PM.