Door decorating contest turns focus to community

When Student Council considered ways to fill the Jarvis hallways with holiday cheer, no one imagined it would become a lesson in holiday giving. Council members thought, "What better way than to hold a door decorating contest?" Decorations would brighten the halls and a contest with prizes would involve everyone and promote school spirit.

Students and staff responded as everyone hoped and eagerly accepted the challenge.  Lights, snowmen, snowflakes, stockings, reindeer, gingerbread men, the Grinch and other signs of the season soon appeared on almost every door. The creativity was endless.

A chilly winter scene complete with an igloo earned Deb Rachon's class the Advisory Award which included money for a classroom pizza party. But instead of spending the money on themselves, the students decided to donate the money to the Herkimer County Food Bank to help others who are less fortunate.

Health and Computer teacher Frank McGrath captured the Faculty Award and a Dunkin Donuts gift certificate for his Styrofoam cup snowman.


Advisory Award winner - Deb Rachon's class

Faculty Award winner - Frank McGrath


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