links to ecxiting places 

somethine offal is a good funny page they have a flash tub too thats also fynny 

rap hustle,com where you can hustle raps

deviant where the pictures are pretty and the drinks are swet is like livejournal but w/pictures

4chan is always on the cuttibg edge! and by cutting edge i mean a BIOG FAT PENIS 

gamefaqs is a website for equal rights for homosexual people who like to play games!! 

google scholar is good place for writing your essays quick

audioscrobbler is fun application for spying on your own music

something awful forums truly is something awful !!

thebreaks .com is where you can go to learn about newts etc. also hip hop music and picytures

 freeones is good place for plooking for porn!'

delicious is a good serach engine for stuff 

PANDORA is good for finding new undergorund music crazes

EMpornium is a mazing porn site!!!

post secret one of the best web sites ever also it is a blog but dont fear!