My name is Ilia Tennenbaum. I live in Israel. I have been collecting world circulating coins since I am 13 (it's close to 30 years) and naturally I am happy to meet people sharing the same interests.

I have a doubles list in Excel format, which is available here. The list was updated the last time on January 28th, 2017.
I also have several banknotes that I would like to trade for coins. Their list is available here. It was updated the last time on January 9, 2016.

My trade terms are simple:

1) Honesty. I believe that coin swapping should make happy the both sides. Still, we all are humans, so when we mistake, we should admit the mistakes and take any reasonable effort to rectify. I promise to do that, and I expect you to act the same way.

2) If I find your name on any black list, I'll notify you. Until you have cleared yourself, there will be no deal.  If you find my name on any black list, please notify me.

3) 1:1 swap ratio for coins cheaper than 1$ (or 1Euro), unless you insist otherwise. 

4) Swap by value (Krause latest edition or exchange rate, the largest of both) for more expensive coins. I can share with you all the catalogs that I have, don't hesitate to ask.

5) I always send coins by registered mail, and I expect you to act the same as part of a reasonable effort to assure the coins delivery.

6) I collect only circulating coins and I offer the same for anyone who collects the same. I don't trade phonecards, medals, pipes etc.

7) No politics please.
You can write me in English, Russian or Hebrew to this mail: iliatenn (at) yahoo.com.

Even if we do not eventually swap, I wish you an enjoyable collecting.
Hope to hear from you soon and Good Luck!

Best regards,

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