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I am a proud person so whenever I achieve something wonderful, I like to share it.  This is just a little place where I can hang up [figuratively of course] my special awards and recognitions.  Every fashion guru would do the same >^,,^<

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This was the first contest I ever entered.  It involved writing up tips for a Fashion Consultant book.  I was named one of the winners.  As a reward, a banquet was held in honor of the winners where the winners were awarded various prizes for their entries.  I won an alteration with Francke himself.  He ended up working on my design for a beautiful watersilk gown.

Writing Competition for an Alteration Guide! · on 9/8/2003 10:21:16 PM Generate a link to this post in a pop-up window.35
Somehow I got roped into being Francke's PR rep. He's so demanding as well.. bottles of purified water (slightly chilled!) and organic taffelberries with clotted cream in his workshop.. and now THIS.

PRESS RELEASE (written on parchment, no less):

Francke Brentley, Fashion Consultant extraordinaire and Force of Aesthetic Nature in his own right, is pleased to announce his forthcoming book, "My Life as Fashion's Muse" [working title]. With his cutting edge style and far-reaching vision, Mr. Brentley has opted to collaborate with one of the "front line," as he eloquently puts it. "I want to allow the fashion enthusiast to benefit from the opportunity to also share their experiences," he adds. The goal is to give the new adventurer a good sense of fashion and why we need it in our Elanthian life. "Forget mana, darlings, it's ALL about the way you look!," Mr. Brentley stresses. "And I don't care how new you are on the scene. It doesn't take much to look good!"

And since Mr. Brentley has a sophisticated sense of adventure, he's created a competition to pick his partner. All he wants is the following: "Write a brief paragraph about how fashion has changed you and give me three tips that you'd like to impart to a person who is new on the scene and needs some help getting in touch with their inner style."

Does Mr. Brentley expect many to rise to the challenge? He isn't sure. "It's not going to be easy for someone to work with me. I have so much to share and so much wisdom to impart. It might be a bit overwhelming for them. This is the chance of a lifetime!"


The fine print:


What is this? We're going to draft a guide for new players on what alterations are, how they are done, and, if you get lucky enough to have one, some tips on what to get and how to negotiate your perfect "alteration."

Send your entry in care of me, Helena, at dr-helena@play.net. Write "Alteration Guide Contest" in the subject heading and follow the content instructions as stated above (a single paragraph about how fashion/alterations have impacted you and 3 pieces of advice for a newcomer).

We're accepting entries until midnight on September 26th. :)

The winner will be invited to work with Francke on this guide (adding the player perspective) and will receive fabulous prizes, including some quality altering time with Francke himself!

Cheers and good luck. If you have questions, post them in this area and I'll try to respond in a timely manner. :)

Fashionably Late · on 12/31/2003 12:36:37 PM Generate a link to this post in a pop-up window.58
To those who participated in the "fashion guide" contest:

My first order of business is to apologize! There is little excuse for the delay in posting the results other than the fact that life has been extraordinarily busy in my real life. I had so many manicures, pedicures, and shopping trips to make... who has time to read when fashion demands attention?!

I hope the results I post today will at least assuage the frustration you may have felt.

There is another reason that posting the results proved a challenge: The submissions were all quite good! One entry didn't really "cover" all that we wanted in the guide but multiples did. And as such the results are going to be quite extraordinary. So, rather than quote from one essay, Francke would like to include quotes from all those who are listed below. He feels that sharing more than one voice lends greater relevance to the weighty (or sheer) subject of fashion--the lifeblood of Elanthian social life (in his not very humble opinion).

So, without further ado, here are the winners (the folks who will see some portion of their essays appear in the final guide):

Arourra Zunee
Aurica Tearchild
Axiarra Avondaine
Bryn Faolin-Ruadh
Caelumia Y'laeth
Fierolan Vanyahin
Fillia Veler
Gweneviere Mai'lae
Iliani Morlaix
Kaelae D?Arvera
Kahvan Necroruler
Matrina de'Arville
Mckeone Sdgadf
Meanne DeIredescence
Mellicent Goldenhope
Mytherceria Versande.
Nirveli Visolela
Rayth Blackmoore
Taliesana Retsofml
Villya Airweaver

So, you may ask, how does one celebrate this "win"? Well, Francke plans to host an exclusive party at 10 pm EST on Saturday, January 24 to give these winners an advance look at some fashions that Francke has been developing and to let him reward his collaborators with some special prizes! Special guests will also be in attendance. Aforementioned winners should come appropriately attired in evening wear and be present in Elanthia so that Francke's aides can whisk you away to what should be the Most Fashionable Party of the year!

Again, my apologies for the delay, but congratulations to the winners!

GM Helena

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My friend Callek [a.k.a. Toes] stumbled across this in the forums.  There had been a Housing Item Contest and these are the items I had sent in as my entry.

an ornate golden jewelry display inlaid with panels of frosted glass
Intricately engraved with curling vines of Elven ivy, this beautiful case is fashioned from a golden frame set on a solid block of gold-painted wood. Frosted glass panels etched with a plethora of wild blossoms form the sides and top of the case, allowing only a beguiling glimpse of the treasures stored within.

a slender hollowed-out silverwood mannequin
Expertly whittled from a solid piece of wood, this armless mannequin stands at attention on two sturdy limbs. The top of the head is flattened to create a platform for storing an item while the hollow torso is inset with shelves and hooks.

an ironwork and frosted glass cabinet
Framed by braided ironwork, frosted panels of glass form the doors and shelves of this sturdy iron cabinet.

an ornate golden oak and frosted glass dressing table
Polished to a golden hue, each leg is decorated with carvings of excotic birds in various poses of flight. Clustered too close across the bottom to discern a single specimen, the winged creatures soar towards the top of the table where they morph into a plethora of tropical blossoms that tumble across the tabletop. A panel of glass overlaid across the table protects the detailed carvings.

a thick rug of golden silk embroidered with tangled vines laden with colorful tropical flowers
Hiden among the wildly colored blossoms are the lithe forms of winged fae caught in various poses of celebration. Some figures appear to be playing tiny instruments fashioned from twigs and nuts while others are posed in whimsical dance steps.

Contest Results! · on 3/5/2007 7:30:12 PM Generate a link to this post in a pop-up window.217

I'm pleased to announce that the results are in and we have selected the winners for the Premium/Platinum Housing Item Contest. We had quite a few entries, and it was hard to narrow it down to just a handful of winners!

Congratulations to:

 Feliness of The Fallen for her wall safe

 Emeraldrage for her beautifully engraved four poster bed with emerald green velvet curtains

 Iliani for her slender silverwood mannequin

 Sortny for her gold-gilded cradle trimmed in white

 Pythea for her cedar vanity cabinet with an etched glass mirror

Winners will be contacted to arrange for delivery of their items, and a new shop is in the works which will feature as many of the winning designs (and maybe others!) as we can get developed.

Thanks to everyone for your participation!

GameMaster Serenay
Premium/Platinum Team

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Rowena pointed out the annoucement of winners to me.  I'm rather bad at checking DR's webpage.  Thankfully I have friends who do and share it with me so that I have a clue about entries I've submitted into contests.  Also added a copy of my actual art entry. 

Attention, Starving Artists! · on 6/29/2008 10:25:39 PM Generate a link to this post in a pop-up window.2511
...and well-fed ones, too.

Negotiations are underway to open a fabulous gallery within the walls of the Raven's Court for the general public's viewing pleasure. The club's curator wishes to fill the space with as much fine art as possible and plans to roam the lands in search of superior specimens to put on display. Now is your chance to finally prove your talent to the world, provided of course that your artwork is suitable for showcase in Elanthia's premiere luxury establishment.

I present to you a contest! I am looking for submissions of any and all artwork that could potentially be used for an exhibition in the Raven's Court. The rules are as follows:

1. There are no circle requirements for this contest. Everyone is welcome to participate.

2. The medium used for your piece of art can be anything from a painting, sculpture, mosaic, wood carving, you name it. All I ask is that the materials used make sense for the time period and fantasy genre. The artwork must also feasibly fit in an indoor gallery setting.

3. Your artwork should be in good taste and adhere to general DR policies. Anything graphic, vulgar, or generally in poor taste will not be admissible. Keep in mind that the Raven's Court prides itself on lavish accommodations for its patrons, so try to design something that you can easily picture among other high-class surroundings.

4. There is no guarantee that any submission will actually be used for the gallery. However, we reserve the right to use any and all submissions to put on display at our discretion. That being said, even if you aren't chosen as a winner, you might still get to see your piece as a part of the exhibition. :)

5. Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries. First prize will be a 'trustee' membership to the Court. Second prize will be a 'member' membership. Third prize will be an 'associate' membership.

6. Each account may only submit one design. Please email entries to DR-TIESSE@PLAY.NET with the subject line, "Raven's Court Art Design Contest Entry." Please include your account name, character name, and instance along with your submission. Please include the design in the body of your email, not as an attachment.

7. The deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, July 31st. Winners will be announced after being judged shortly after.

If you have any questions, feel free to post here and I'll answer as I'm able. Good luck, and get those creative juices flowing!

-- GM Tiesse

My submission:

This art is inspired by "The Skirt of Kerenhappuch" written by Gulliver VonDeverone. The idea behind the layout of the piece itself is based off of the fact that once you look at the overall piece, the art draws you in so that you look closer at the parts that make up the whole.

>tap tableau
You tap a vividly stained lifesculpted e'erdream tableau displayed on a wide granite pedestal.

>look tableau
Sculpted from the trunk of an e'erdream tree, this magnificent display features wooden panels angled against each other to form a triangular backdrop of three scenes from which the myth unfolds: a green pasture overgrown with colorful Spring blossoms; a skilled craftsman's workroom strewn with tools of the trade; and a grand dais set beneath a starlit sky. A figure poses at the fore of each panel, exquisitely detailed as if the subjects would spring to life in all their glory at any given moment. Affixed to the front of the pedestal is an elegantly inscribed plaque of polished gold.

>look on tableau
You see a small golden plaque, a figure of Hodierna, a figure of Kertigen and a figure of Kerenhappuch on top of the tableau.

>look plaque on tableau
There appears to be something inscribed on it.

>read plaque on tableau
A small golden plaque reads:
The Panorama of Kerenhappuch's Skirt

>look Hodierna on tableau
With a wreath of fresh green herbs crowning her hair, Hodierna exudes the very essence of life as she stands at the shoulder of a luminous white unicorn; the skirt of her simple blue dress fluttering as though caught in a light breeze. She holds a single spring blossom to her heart, a gentle smile playing across her lips as the majestic beast bows it's head, docile in the presence of the Goddess.

>read Hodierna on tableau
A panel of Hodierna reads:
And using her knowledge of Kertigen's esteem for the lovely Hodierna, Kerenhappuch tricks the patron of Dwarves...

>look Kertigen on tableau
The fatherly figure of Kertigen, the patron of the Dwarves, stands at the side of a worn oversized worktable with skeins of silk laid out before him depicting every possible color ever seen beneath the light of the Elanthian moons. Perched on his shoulder, the Raven peers down at the delicate threads of dyed silk as though consulting with Kertigen as they contemplate the colorful palette spread out across the tabletop.

>read Kertigen on tableau
A panel of Kertigen reads:
... crafting a skirt of fabulous colors embedded with the power to bewitch any man who looks upon her as she dances in the skirt...

>look Kerenhappuch on tableau
With a band of Dwarven men groveling at her feet, the red-lipped and blonde-haired Goddess dances wildly before her bewitched followers, spreading her magical skirt to reveal the splendor of hues that the diligent Kertigen wove into the fabric. The beady-eyed gaze of the Shrew perched on Kerenhappuch's shoulder falls upon a group of women standing off to the side. They stare disdainfully at the wanton display, their contempt manifested in every line etched into their rigid faces.

>read Kerenhappuch on tableau
A panel of Kerenhappuch reads:
... but when the trick is revealed, Kertigen curses the skirt, causing any woman who sees her wearing it to become insanely jealous of the beautiful goddess...

Winning Entries for Raven's Court Art Design Contest · on 9/1/2008 5:59:33 PM

Generate a link to this post in a pop-up window.2572

Greetings, art aficionados!

First, let me start by saying thank you to everyone who submitted their item ideas. There was a broad range of styles and creativity represented, so much so that it was hard to whittle down the top three. We wound up with single first and second place winners with a three-way tie for third! Please help me congratulate the following people for their wonderful designs.


Mellisandre, for her exquisitely detailed mermaid sculpted from alabaster and jade (as of yet untitled).


Rault, for his "A Field Goblin Study" -- a wide cedar-framed triptych.


Belea, for her "Kertigen's Flight" -- an obsidian raven launching into flight carrying a massive trillion-cut diamond in its platinum beak.

Caelumia, for her "Heart of the Mountain" -- a massive icy-blue sapphire sphere with a brilliant flame-shaped inclusion.

Iliani, for her "The Panorama of Kerenhappuch's Skirt" -- a vividly stained lifesculpted e'erdream tableau displayed on a wide granite pedestal.

Honorablementions go to Elryyk, Trarbolos, Gwenddolyn, Reaperscythe, Ysselt, Akudyn, and Sebastienne.

I will be in touch with the first/second/third place winners at some point to help them claim their prize. Remember, even if your name wasn't mentioned in this post, there's still a chance you still might see your design in game in the future. My gratitude and appreciation goes to everyone who participated in and judged this contest. The Raven's Court certainly has the means now to produce a world-class gallery thanks to your help!

-- GM Tiesse

* * * * * *

Rowena pointed this out to me the day before the event.  We ran through our vaults and threw together our outfits.  Allye won first place, but I came in as runner up.  Go me!  And I won this fabulous prize :)

a beautiful golden tiara adorned with a circle of diamond gladiolas
Set prominently in the center of this elegant circlet, sparkling diamonds cut to resemble gladiolas form a delicate circle.  A flowing banner is engraved around the inside of the tiara.
There appears to be something written on it.
A beautiful golden tiara reads:
Elanthian Idol 391 AV

Elanthian Idol

DR-MENTORS: This Event is run by the DragonRealms Mentors.

Time: 10:00 PM Eastern

Location: Raven's Court Ballroom, Crossing

General Info: Please join the Lorethew Mentor society on September 10th at 10 PM Eastern in the Ballroom of Raven's Court as they host the Elanthian Idol. This is a fashion show for the ladies of Zoluren. Contestants will show off one outfit in each of the following categories: everyday, formal, winter wear and summer wear. Each contestant will be judged in all four of these categories and the lady with the highest cumulative total will be crowned Elanthia's newest style icon.

* * * * * *

I had some fun with this contest.  I didn't win, but it was fun nonetheless.  I did however have 2 of my entries make honorable mention (Chandose & Iliani).  I've posted the original SNAP contest announcement followed by the winners post.

SNAP! · on 10/15/2008 11:06:19 AM Generate a link to this post in a pop-up window. 508
Greetings, Humans!

I am pleased to announce a contest to members of our distinguished race for new, improved snap variations! Currently, we have the basic SNAP verb along with a few different types: ponder, music, loud, command, curse and several others. I am seeking ideas for additional snaps, so if you play a Human and you love to express yourself through hand gestures, this contest is for you.


1. The format for an entry should include the following:

~ The syntax designator (snap LOUD).
~ What the snapper will see (You raise your arm in the air and loudly snap your fingers, demanding attention.).
~ What a Human observer will see (Tiesse snaps her fingers loudly in the air, trying to get your attention.).
~ What a non-Human observer will see (Tiesse snaps her fingers loudly!).

2. Your snap should be in good taste and adhere to general DR policies. Anything graphic, vulgar, OOC, or generally in poor taste will not be admissible.

3. Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries to be determined at a later date.

4. Any account with a Human character may enter. The limit is one (1) entry per account. Please email entries to DR-TIESSE@PLAY.NET with the subject line, "New Snap - Contest Entry." Please include your account name, character name, and instance along with your submission. Please include the submission in the body of your email, not as an attachment.

5. The deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, November 14th. Winners will be announced after a short judging period.

If you have any questions, feel free to post here and I'll answer as I'm able. Good luck, and don't let your fingers get too tired from practicing!

-- GM Tiesse

SNAP Contest Winners! · on 12/17/2008 4:53:16 PM Generate a link to this post in a pop-up window. 2665

My apologies for not posting this sooner, but I got a bit tied up with some other things. Thanks so much to all the participants and their creative entries. Even if your name isn't mentioned here, there's a chance you might see your submission as part of the new and improved SNAP verb. I'm happy to announce that there was a tie for first, one second place winner, and a tie for third! I won't be listing the entire submission for each person, but participants are welcome to post their entries if they desire. Onward!


Megwyn, for SNAP IDEA, and Cyiarriah, for SNAP <BODY PART>!


Posiden, for SNAP APPLAUD!


Callahan, for SNAP KNUCKLES, and Drexella, for SNAP TEASE!

HONORABLE MENTIONS go to Sathraine, Dulcinie, Chandose, Derivan, Vlatir, Ignifera, Marsais, Powerhaus, and Iliani!

Congratulations to all the winners! All entries were judged independently of me, so a big thanks to all the GMs who've helped thus far (and will help in the future) with this project. I'd also like to especially thank GM Equity for all of her support and advice since I started with Team Human. I will be in touch with the first/second/third place winners at some point to help them claim their prizes.

Thanks again for all of the submissions, and keep on snappin'!

-- GM Tiesse

  * * * * *

You won't see my primary name, Iliani, but you will see my Kaldar's name, Lilabell Carley. The name has nothing to do with the culture btw. It's my oldest daugther's nickname (yes, I'm sentimental like that). Anyway, my tea won third place for the non-alcoholic beverage category. I went with a natural approach with all my foodie ideas, using ingredients like nuts, berries, trees etc. I thought playing chef would be a fun change from the typical fashion and art stuff I normally do. I actually spent that day brewing up some teas with herbs and plants from the garden to get a feel for my ideas *lol* Yup, I'm also that dorky :p  For my prize, I had the choice of a unique caddy filled with booze or a lilac diamond icesilk voucher. Of course I got the voucher! I'm going to have a fabulous icesilk gown made.

Albarian Foodie Contest! · on 1/11/2009 9:29:24 AM Generate a link to this post in a pop-up window. 1379

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Greetings, folks!

The Kaldar and Gnome Teams are hosting an Albarian foodie contest!

Have you ever wondered what sort of ale they brew in the frigid mountains of Albaria? Or wished for a special sweet treat from the home of our forbearer's? Maybe you've always dreamt of a mammoth sloppy Joe or of baking a pie filled with Kaldaran spotted blueberries?

This is your chance to help us define the foods of Albaria! We can't promise all of the food and drink that you dream up will see the light of Elanthia but I think it's safe to say that at least twelve will! So dust off your creativity and start cooking, baking, brewing and distilling!

The categories for the contest are:

Sweets - (donuts, sweet breads, cookies, candies, cakes, pies, etc)
Savory - (breads and rolls, main dishes, side dishes, appetizers, etc)
Non-alcoholic beverage - (tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, etc)
Alcoholic Drink - (ale, wine, hard liquor, etc)

Entries MUST be original creations of your own design. Entries should be submitted in a format similar to existing food and drink items and MUST include a TAP and TASTE (NO looks please). The TAP can be no longer than 65 characters and the TASTE can be should be no longer than 200 characters.

TAP: an oversized porcelain cup of richly spiced black tea. TASTE: Soothing notes of cardamom waft from the brew.

TAP: a snifter of Albarian Armagnac. TASTE: The flash of sharp heat is mellowed by a smooth, rounded finish.

TAP: a skewered mammoth sausage topped with wild mushrooms. TASTE: Firm and meaty, yet tender and succulent, the chanterelle mushroom has a delicious nutty flavor with a hint of apricot.

 TAP: a petite marble cheese sandwich on toasted bread. TASTE: It's almost a shame to eat such an incredible smoked cheese on bread like this, but it's sooooo good.

This contest is open to all Kaldars and Gnomes in Prime, Plat and TF. You must have an active Dragonrealms account at the time of judging in order to be considered a winner.

You may submit as many entries as you like, but you can only win once PER ACCOUNT (NOT per category, NOT per character and NOT per instance.) There will be three winning positions per category for a TOTAL of TWELVE winning positions.

Submit your entries to DR-BELLADZIA@PLAY.NET, and please be sure to use the subject of "ALBARIAN FOODIE CONTEST." This will help me sort them as they come in from regular mail so that your entry doesn't get buried under the avalanche of the other email that I receive.

You MUST include your character name, character's race (Kaldar OR Gnome), character's circle, your account name and a current email address (if I can't contact you I can't tell you that you won!).

Deadline for entries is Saturday, January 31st. Winners and prizes will be announced at February's Prime Kaldar Gathering and afterwards on the forums.

Standard submission/property rights from PREMIUM 8 apply: "All contest entries submitted to Dragonrealms contests become the property of Simutronics to be used as desired. The submitter gives up all rights to the submission. Entries can be modified as needed/desired and used for any needed/desired purpose. More detailed rules on any given contest will be provided at the time of the contest. Prizes for any contest are not guaranteed."

GM Belladzia
Kaldar Champion

GM Averiss
Co-Gnome Champion

Albarian Foodie Contest Winners! · on 2/18/2009 8:41:42 PM Generate a link to this post in a pop-up window. 1409
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Greetings one and all! Thank you to all of the participants, you each did a wonderful job!

If you're listed among the winners and haven't received your prize yet please drop me a line and we can arrange to meet up. Please DON'T assist or report for it since no one can get the prize to you but me. :)

Hopefully you'll be seeing the winning entries (and possibly a few others) available in game in the coming months.

First place in the non-alcoholic drinks competition!
Name: Vyraka Giesa
a creamy cup of Tolura Nut coffee
Taste: A delicious blend of milk and cinnamon temper the Tolura Nut's bold flavor.

Second place in the non-alcoholic drinks competition!
a cup of Chanterelle Kauje (dream) tea topped with a sprig of mint.
Taste: A rich blend of jasmine with essence of taffleberry blend together with a hint of chanterelle to make a sweet and nutty drink.

Third place in the non-alcoholic drinks competition!
Lilabell Carley
an iron kettle of fragrant tea made from chopped Albarian pine needles
Taste: You take a sip of the white tea. The sharp, fresh beverage is lightly sweetened with just a hint of honey.

First place in the savory food competition!
Some heavily spiced Kaldaran hunter's stew.
Taste: You take a bite of your stew. Through the heaivly spiced and thickened broth you can detect the slightly gamy taste of the hodgepodge of meat in the mix, but the stew makes for a warm and filling meal nonetheless.

Second place in the savory food competition!
a rock hard sea biscuit OR A square piece of hardtack
TASTE: You mentally count your molars with your tongue after taking a bite of the hardtack/biscuit.
Optional: DUNK biscuit/hardtack You dunk your biscuit/hardtack in your <drink>. It's softer now, but just as bland.

Third place in the savory food competition!
a trencher of glacial mammoth meatloaf with a giant boat of heavy mushroom
gravy on the side.
a slice of mammoth meatloaf smothered in heavy mushroom gravy.
Taste: Exquisite. It melts on the tongue with a faint gamey taste.

First place in the sweet food competition!
Stonethrow Cookie
a thick cookie covered with dried fruit
Taste: Almonds and dried figs make a sweet match when combined with the hint of orange that suffuses the cookie. Additional tastes of apricot and pistachio blend with just a hint of chocolate.

Second place in the sweet food competition!
Lolali Lolelalu
a cardamom-spiced bun filled with layers of almond paste and
whipped creme.
TASTE: The light bun is slightly sweet with a hint of
cardamom that is plainly a vehicle for the sweet almond paste and gobs
of fresh whipped creme found inside of it.

Second place in the sweet food competition!
a sweet oliva(egg) roll filled with a creamy whipped ronaja(orange) sauce. TASTE: Cream sauce oozes from the roll as you bite into it. Where's a napkin when you need one?!

First place in the alcoholic drinks competition!
an oilflagon of Gnomish all-purpose fluid.
Taste: Like an assault on the tongue, flavors mixed together and indistinguishable, you are forcibly reminded that this beverage is used to fix squeaky catapults first, and quench thirst second.

Second place in the alcoholic drinks competition!
a tankard of dark Albarian mead.
Taste: Hints of coffee and honey blend excellently on the palate. Yum!

Third place in the alcoholic drinks competition!
Halfstaff Little-Warrior
Siebens Mist
an odd-looking padlocked tankard engulfed in a multihued mist.
TASTE: The motley flavor of this mysterious liqueur washes over your tongue like crashing waves upon a rocky shore, bursting with a refreshing spray, yet somehow leaving you feeling strange and uncertain.

GM Belladzia
"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities" Jean Houston