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Born to an empath mother and a moon mage father, Iliani's childhood was spent devoted to her sisters, Kekuke and Winnie.  Following the footsteps of her mother, Ili joined the empath guild.  When her parents died (her mother had tried to heal the disease that plagued her husband), she was sent to live with her uncle and his wife in Theren, her sisters already betrothed and settled with their in-laws.  Unlike the loving environment of her childhood, living with her uncle made her a very cynical and guarded young lady.  While living there as basically their maid (and worse), she was denied the comforts of friendship and love.  When her uncle passed on, his wife banished Iliani from the home.  With that, Ili set out to discover the whereabouts of her older half-sister, Crystalkiss, whom she had learned about shortly before her father's death.  Iliani traveled to Crossing in hopes of reuniting with what was left of her family.  Since her return to Crossing, Iliani has opened up and allowed herself to express her true self. 
Her first marriage was to a barbarian by the name of Trysta.  Unfortunately, her partner disappeared, leaving behind only a note and many unanswered questions.  Eventually, Iliani married again... and again... and again... Let's just say the priests of Dirge made a pretty profit from her relationship with Martikia.  They parted ways despite their many efforts and Iliani drifted from temporary relationship to temporary relationship.  Iliani basically gave up searching for "the one love that'll stick" and settled down with her faithful friend Frigeon.  However, after seven years (her longest marriage - so far), they divorced amicably and remained good friends.  Iliani remained single for many years afterwards, never really entertaining the possibility of a serious relationship.   Failed attempts only increased her tendency of second guessing any parties showing interest in a relationship with her and overall she developed a rather jaded outlook on that aspect of life.
However, even the most cynical can be broken.  She renewed a friendship with a friend of a friend of a mutal friend (you get the idea).  Over a number of months she began spending more and more time with the former spouse of the woman she had once been involved with.  It was a quiet affair that neither one brought attention to and eventually Iliani began seeing Cayene exclusively.  During the reception after their friend's wedding, Cayene surprised Iliani with a proposal to which she gladly accepted.  They recently celebrated their fairy tale wedding on Iliani's 42nd birthday.
Although legally a citizen of Therengia, she is currently living in Crossing.  She rents a room on the second floor of Taelbert's and shares  it with her roommate and husband Cayene.  Iliani spends most of her time with her close friends and their spouses, although she still enjoys some alone time to herself.  It's safe to say that Iliani has finally found her "fairy tale" ending.

Playmate Iliani

check out Iliani in her bunny costume