I am a lazy person.  I will not recollect information when there are sufficient sites out there that have already done all the work.  The only thing I have done is provided the links to those places that help me in my endeavors in Elanthia.  If you would like a link added here, please contact me at


Alterations Gallery

Elanthian Humor

Elanthian Merchants

Emmiline's Cottage

Ilaya Taipa

Mirglyn Sisters

More Merchants

Rare Gems & Metals

Rare Materials

Special Events

Tamsine's Rest

Vault Sale

  • Botanica of Elanthia- A field guide to Elanthian flora. 

  • DragonRealms Future Past - An archive of past festivals (great for researching origins of items); Tyrathia also has information on flower charms here.

  • DragonRealms' Alteration Page - A long page covering a lot of the information available for alterations in Elanthia, including a list of some rare materials.

  • Elanthipedia - A Wiki on everything Elanthian. If you can't find it here, you can't find it anywhere. Well, no, that's not true. But it sounded ideal.

  • FOE - Feast of Eluned shop listings.

  • Forgotten Lore- Information on quest prizes, Elves and horsemanship among a variety of other topics.

  • It's in the Bag - Rajara provides a list of trader shop items.

  • Kythryn's Journal - Elanthian maps containing life mana and foraging information.

  • The Locksmith Union  - Just a bunch of locksmith stuff including the annual Box Raffle.

  • - Tons of general information about Elanthia, including circle calculators and a foraging database.

  • Ranik's Updated Maps - Maps of Elanthia; need I say more?

  • Rowena's site - Because I am *not* and Rowena is so go harass her for Drevid's weapons and what not (psst, check out her clients' vault sales too).

  • The Shopping Catalog - A list of Elanthian shops; don't be fooled into paying 30 plats for something that's store bought for just a plat *lol*

  • Tvini's Pad - The assisted wedding guru Tvini provides the wedding worksheets here along with some other helpful documents to help you plan your GM wedding.

  • - And another shameless plug for my buddy Zairius.