Ilaya Taipa

Home of the River Elves, this town is an ideal spot for swimming and fishing. Step on over to the fishmonger's stall where fishing supplies are readily avilable for purchase.  You can sell your catch to the Master Fisherman, Ynnve Todemar.  For those not so inclined to partake in aquatic activities, feel free to enjoy the wide variety of trade goods that are brought from distant lands to the piers of Ilaya Taipa.


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Pier One

perfumes*, clothing (including corsets, skirts, shirts, and footwear), cambrinth dragons and cambrinth jewelry, and decorative jars

Pier Two

drinks, food and candy

Pier Three

hide scrapers, alchemy tools (cauldrons, vials), exterior home decorations, perfumes, clothing & footwear, and jewelry

Pier Four

dancing flowers, jewelry (including runestone and cambrinth), clothing (bodices, dresses) & footwear, containers (including merchandise from Demosel's Lair such as spidersilk backpacks and pouches), and paintings

Pier Five

pets and furniture for home owners


*  Some perfumes were tested and results can be found here.