Elanthian Merchants


There are many sites where you can find the merchants of Elanthia listed along with their wares.  These are just the list of merchants thave have shown up from time to time within the Premium seacaves.  I have copied the items along with prices and descriptions where applicable.  Please keep in mind that the merchants do not always carry all of their wares when they make appearances in the seacaves.


Lady Carida [premium]

Painter Cinen

Horse Whisperer Cysi Shoraes


Heiress Esemralia [Token of the Heart

Ethna [premium]

Master Tinker Snidley Snarflepie

Tinker Sewt

Visionary Thipbeet


A Cacophony of Silver and Glass

Bardic Barge

Classic Designs

Dragon Lilies

Empath Emporium

Fallen Angels 

Gashpa's Gathered Goodies

Heavenly Harmonies

House of All Hues

Jyngle's Jangles

Marelien's Memories

Natural Magic



Sable's Tent

Seasonal Designs

Skins and Bones

Smells And Tails

Sniffer Defenders


Stone Soup

Svenblum's Wagon

Thaumaturgic Things

The Black Orchid

The Gentleman's Corner

The Refined Lady 

The True Path

To the Teeth

Tree Tent 

Vidro's Glassworks

Vishlan's Wares [Barbarian Only]