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Bubble Confession

Sasper says the darnedest things.

Best Compliment Ever

Or so I've been told.

Gweth Slumming

Just a collection of humerous gweth snippets.


More special moments that had to be immortalized. Why? Because I can! And yeah, I was bored.

Paperweight Love

Frigeon shares his paperweight with Heavensly.

Wacky Conversations

Snippets of conversations that were so funny they needed to be shared or (in some cases) so bad they needed to be immortalized so we could all learn what not to say.

Pie-rats & Cougars, oh my!

I swear I wasn't drunk, this is a pure sugah rush.

Frogs vs Bees

Sasper and Iliani duel!

The Smartest One

Iliani saves the day!

System Announcements

Just the typical stuff for an April Fool's Day (2007).

A Day in the Life of a Trader

Sasper and Iliani hire themselves out as advertisers.

Popo the Lipopod

Akemma plays with Popo.

Other Memorable Memories

Because I got too damn lazy to keep adding more pages to this thing.