Alterations Gallery

  I love to design little treasures.  At first I only made designs for myself to complete the looks I wanted.  Then I started making designs for my  friend Frigeon.  Some folks liked what I did and would ask me for help with their weddings.  Now I gladly help anyone seeking some advice on creating their own fabulous designs.


Iliani Morlaix's Designs - a collection of alterations I designed for myself

Morlaix Designs for Others - a list of alterations I designed for everyone else

Tweaked Designs - a list of alterations I co-designed or cleaned up for other people

Iliani & Rowena Designs - a list of alterations we designed together

Other Designers - a collection of alterations that I greatly admire, but were customized by other designers


Flora & Fauna

Rare Gems

Rare Metals & Woods

Rare Cloths 


Often I will research every detail of a design that I am working on to make sure I have the proper term in mind for the description I'm aiming for.  This is a listing of sites that I use to make my designs.
  • Medieval Weapon Art
    a catalog with excellent pictures and descriptions of medieval clothing, armory, weapons, and jewelry

  • The Rainbow of Gems
    an extensive list of gemstones and brief descriptions, ranging from the most pupular (i.e. diamonds, rubies and sapphires) to lesser known stones (i.e. kyanite and sardonyx)

  • Wedding Thoughts
    glossaries available at this site that defines various headpieces and veils; necklines, sleeves, silhouettes, back and waist/bodices; trains, bustles, skirts and hemlines.

  • Silk Road Textile Merchants
    a great resource for descriptions and limitations of silks (charmeuse, chiffon, dupioni, four-fly, gauze, noil, organza, other silks, velvet), cottons (batik & ikat, batiste, organic cotton, other cottons, pique), linen (handkerchief, solid colors), tencel (tencel blends), and other fabrics (bemberg lining) as well as some samples of buttons (bone, jet, pewter, wood, ribbons)
  • Tiesse's Rules
    some things to consider when dealing with the LTB alteration scrolls