[Emmiline's Cottage,

Sales Floor]

Warmly toned, the large room invites browsing.  A rack stands in one corner, displaying fabrics in many hues, while in the center of the room, a large display holds an array of items.  Before one window sit a green striped sofa and chair, and a round table stands between them.  A maple and linen screen partially obscures an archwayTwo steps lead to an area hidden behind a curtain.  You also see a wooden door.
Obvious exits: west.

*Partially rotating stock

On the wooden shelves you see:

some crimson silk slippers embroidered with jadice flowers in black thread
You see nothing unusual.
PRICE:  1875 kronars

some cobalt silk slippers embroidered with purple and white glaysker flowers
You see nothing unusual.
PRICE:  1875 kronars

some black leather gauntlets with bronze charms sewn into the cuffs
Small bronze charms shaped like riolur leaves stitched into the cuffs alternate with some shaped like glaysker flowers.
PRICE:  1250 kronars

some black leather boots embossed with a vine pattern from knee
Embossed on the outside surfaces of the boots, a thick vine twines from knee to ankle along the leather.
PRICE:   2187 kronars

On the oak rack you see:

a black silk shirt embroidered with a small woodwisp on the left cuff
Sleek and solid but for the tiny spot of color on the sleeve, the black silk drapes from shoulder to hem cleanly.  On the left cuff, a small woodwisp embroidered in green and brown stands with arms on its hips, ready for any challenge.
PRICE:  9375 kronars

a white silk shirt embellished with gold riolur leaf buttons
Each gold button along the front of the shirt features the molded image of a riolur leaf in fine detail.
PRICE:  12500 kronars

some soft black leathers with crimson blood drop cut-outs
Small blood drop cut-outs ring the cuffs and the waistline, each inset with bright crimson leather.
PRICE:  15000 kronars

some pure white double leathers stitched with herb patterns
Wreaths of herbs encircle the cuffs of the leathers, stitched in shades of green and bronze thread.
PRICE:  18750 kronars

some steel mail polished to a high sheen
Worked into the mail, darkened links contrast vividly with the highly polished steel, creating the image of an adder coiled to strike.
PRICE:  25000 kronars

a crimson silk gown edged in black lace
A pattern of jadice flower garlands linked together is woven into the soft, black lace.  Edging the neckline and the cuffs of the sleeves, the lace falls in elegant folds.
PRICE:  25000 kronars

On the wood hangers you see:

a blue wool cloak lined in brushed black fleece (pocketed)
Lined in soft black fleece for comfort, the heavy wool is designed to shelter the wearer from harsh weather.
PRICE:  25000 kronars

a white cotton cloak brightly embroidered with a unicorn and child (pocketed)
Across the back of the cloak, a unicorn playfully dances around a child standing in a meadow, a garland of wildflowers around its horn.  The child tugs lightly at one end of the streamer of blossoms.
PRICE:  25000 kronars

a black satin cloak with a deep blue lining (pocketed)
Coiling vines and herbs embroidered in dark purple, blue, and green embellish the hem of the cloak.
PRICE:  25000 kronars

On the metal display you see:

a leather targe painted with a battle scene
A hectic battle scene depicted in bright daubs of color stretches from end to end of the cured leather, the figures slightly blurred as if captured in motion.  In the center, an empath kneels beside a fallen warrior, the single clear image of the scene.  With eyes closed and brow furrowed in concentration, the empath nurses the wounds that travel from the warrior in a stylized ribbon of blue light.
PRICE:  937 kronars

a leather targe with chocolate brown strips riveted by brass brads
Thin strips of chocolate brown leather, each embossed with vines colored to match the brass brads, crisscross the shield in a unique weave pattern.
PRICE:  1000 kronars

a broadsword with a glaysker flower handguard
You see nothing unusual.
PRICE:  5000 kronars

a rusty short sword with a unicorn-etched pommel
You see nothing unusual.
PRICE:  2500 kronars

a cutlass with herbs etched along the blackened blade
You see nothing unusual.
PRICE:  2625 kronars

a scimitar with the Empaths' Guild crest engraved on the pommel
You see nothing unusual.
PRICE:  6250 kronars

an etched steel parry stick with black leather straps
Climbing vines, acid-etched and blackened, spiral from the base of the stick to the top in ever-broadening images.  They weave under and around the softened black leather straps designed to secure the object to an arm for defense.
PRICE:   2500 kronars

an iron-banded parry stick with brown leather straps
Thin iron bands flank each of the straps used to affix the parry stick to an arm, preventing the straps from sliding across the stick at an inconvenient moment.
PRICE:  1250 kronars

a brass parry stick spiraled like a unicorn horn
Slightly narrower at one end, the parry stick coils from base to tip, its grooves slightly tarnished.  Dull blue straps embossed with the image of a riolur leaf securely attach the weapon to an arm.
PRICE:  1500 kronars

On the round table you see:

a razor-thin soot-black lancet
You see nothing unusual.
PRICE:  687 kronars

a razor-sharp steel lancet
You see nothing unusual.
PRICE:  562 kronars

a gleaming silver lancet
You see nothing unusual.
PRICE:  37500 kronars

a long-bladed steel scalpel 
You see nothing unusual.
PRICE:  562 kronars

a polished steel scalpel
You see nothing unusual.
PRICE:  687 kronars