[Emmiline's Cottage, Kitchen]


A tidy kitchen with whitewashed cabinets and a round oak table opens just beyond a short hall leading from the front of the house.  The scent of chocolate drifts in the air and a kettle of tea burbles over the fire.  Placed neatly near the fireplace is a green cushion with lumps and strands of fur in its cloth.  An occasional breeze moves curtains made of yellow gingham tied off with lace ribbon scraps that hang at the windows.  The table is set for company, and a plaque hangs on the wooden door.  You also see a puppy.
Obvious exits: none.

A wooden plaque reads:
"Guests are welcome, night or day
 To chat, to eat, or even play
 But quiet, please, when in the house
 At night, be quiet as the mouse."

You lean against a round oak table.

Set with plates, napkins, and utensils for four, the table offers enough room for a platter or two.

On the oak table you see:

a large chocolate cake iced with candied jadice flowers
Waves of rich, chocolate frosting cover the cake in thick layers.  Candied jadice dapples the surface of the cake, like wildflowers in a chocolate field.

a yellow plate painted around the rim with tiny white flowers
White blossoms and tiny green vines spiral around the rim of the plate, contrasting with the sunny yellow of the base color.

You lean against a small fireplace.

Set in one corner of the room, a fireplace of red brick is carefully blocked by an iron screen to help protect from stray sparks.

You idly pick at a copper kettle.

The copper kettle gives a reddish glow, indicating the liquid inside is the right temperature.  The scent of chamomile drifts faintly from the kettle, calming and restful.

In the copper kettle you see some chamomile tea.

You gaze at a puppy.

Caramel-colored except for one floppy ear speckled with white, the puppy is chubby with oversized paws.

The puppy ducks its head under your hand, pushing against your fingers while thumping its tail appreciatively.

You reach out and touch a green cushion.

Faded green cotton, patched in some areas, covers a lumpy floor cushion.  Stray dog hairs speckle the fabric.