Iliani Morlaix

& The Voices In Her Head

So you've managed to stumble across my little hideout.  This is *NOT* a guide to how Elanthia works or anything like that.  There already exists a number of helpful guides that you can find back on the DragonRealm's website.  What you've found here is just a collection of random tidbits that I wanted to store for my own purposes.  Whether or not you find it helpful is just a random side effect.  So roam around if it pleases you.

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[Iliani's Home]
Screens of soft white ricepaper and a white-veined pink marble floor covered by an ivory and platinum rug enclose this small room.  In one corner lies a massive oak canopy bed, and near the bed sits a graceful oval lacewood tea table with a cascading bouquet of Hodierna's blush roses bound with strands of pearls and lace and a carved willow rabbit on it.  A columned white-marble fireplace burns along the far wall with a two-colored dartboard hanging above it.  The room holds a lingering scent of rose petals.  You also see a stained glass unicorn window, a dragonwood armor stand with some stuff on it, a dragonwood weapon rack with some stuff on it, a huge mirrored oak bar with a rock fragment on it, a tall oak bar stool that is facing the fireplace, a tall oak bar stool that is facing the fireplace, a tall oak bar stool that is facing the fireplace, a tall oak bar stool that is facing the fireplace and a baby brown squirrel.
Also here: Beautician Iliani.
Obvious exits: none

The brown squirrel bristles its fur and chitters excitedly as Iliani reaches towards it.  As Iliani's hand gets closer and closer, the squirrel's nose twitches wildly as he sniffs the air.  At last he calms and allows Iliani to pet him.
Want to know more about Iliani?  Not much to tell.  But if you're truly that bored, here's all you wanted to know and then some.