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Ilhwa Korean Ginseng Malaysia


If you are looking for quality and potency in the ginseng you buy, there is simply no other brand like ILWHA. 

The premium variety of ginseng roots used and the processing technique used at ILHWA gives its products a cut above other ginseng brands.

The price depends largely on the quality and quantity of extract contained in the product. The unique processing used by IL HWA, and the attention to quality, is your assurance of an excellent and effective ginseng brand. You can depend on the name IL HWA. 

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So many people neglected their health while gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.


Though many people take Ginseng for specific health conditions (no claims made, of course!), it is also a wonderful builder of the Immune System. In fact, historically Korean Ginseng was used primarily as “preventative medicine”. Athletes, who use the Concentrate just before doing their physical activities, claim a definite increase in stamina.

Making Process

Made exclusively from 6 year old, fresh, whole Korean Ginseng roots. Ginsenosides grow into the root between the 4th and 5th year. Younger roots are not as potent. Utilizes a “whole root” extraction, rather than “standardized”. 


IL HWA is the only Ginseng Company to guarantee the use of only 6 year old fresh (not dried) roots in its products. A patented low temperature extraction process is used, in place of “boiling’ the Ginseng roots. This insures Ginseng Concentrate that is “alive” with active B vitamins, trace minerals (42), Ginsenosides, and 14 Saponins OR Panaxosides. 


Unlike other brands, the IL HWA extraction process utilizes a “1 time only extraction” for the fresh, 6 year old roots. Because no high temperatures are used, IL HWA doesn’t have the “bad” or “bunt” taste that most Ginseng brands do. It is however a strong taste, because of the purity and potency of the brand.

IlIlhwa Korean Ginseng Malaysia

IL HWA Korean Ginseng Extract is a condensed form of pure liquid extracted from high quality ginseng roots through a low temperature vacuum method. This new method preserves the original efficiency and flavor of ginseng. (MAL05101843T) 


1 spoon per cup, 2 to 3 times a day.

IL HWA Korean Ginseng Capsules are produced after a process of strict selection, sterilization and fractionation. We put 120 match of fine ginseng powder into one granule for convenient application. (MAL05101844T)


2 to 4 capsules in a day. (100capsules)

IL HWA Korean Ginseng Tea is a granulated dry product made of ginseng extract, anhydrous dextrose and lactose via a special manufacturing process. Each 3g-granule contains 300 ~ 500 mgs of ginseng extract - equivalent to about one tenth of a ginseng root. You can enjoy the tasteful flavor as well as the strong effects of ginseng.


1pkt per cup, 2 to 3 times a day.

IL HWA Korean Ginseng Powder is a genuine powered ginseng health food.

1spoon per cup, 2 to 3 times a day.


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