Hi! I am an Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Bern.

My research focuses on applied microeconomic theory, in particular the questions related to innovation and contest design.

Email: igor.letina@vwi.unibe.ch

Curriculum Vitae (January 2018)

  1. The Road not Taken: Competition and the R&D Portfolio
    RAND Journal of Economics, 2016, Vol. 47(2), pp. 433–460
    R&D is not just about investing resources, it is also about the choice of research projects. This paper looks at how market competition affects the choice of research projects and provides insights for merger regulation. 

  2. Optimal Search from Multiple Distributions with Infinite Horizon 
    with Jean-Michel Benkert and Georg Nöldeke 
    Economics Letters, 2018, Vol. 164, pp. 15-18.

  3. This note characterizes optimal search when the agent can choose the distribution from which the search outcomes are realized. What could those distributions be? The choice of search intensity is one special case, the choice of riskiness of search is another.

Working Papers:
  1. Delegating Performance Evaluation
    with Shuo Liu and Nick Netzer, October 2017.

  2. Managers evaluate workers, teachers evaluate students and development aid officers evaluate development programs. And they all seem to be too lenient. So how to optimally delegate performance evaluation to a biased reviewer? Simple, use a contest!

  3. Designing Dynamic Research Contests
    Jean-Michel Benkert, September 2016.

  4. In a dynamic world, it is optimal for the designer to set increasing prizes in an innovation contest. 

  5. Inducing Variety: A Theory of Innovation Contests
    Armin Schmutzler, June 2017.

  6. Can we design innovation contests which will induce variety in approaches to innovation? Yes! The optimal contest in this setting is something we call a bonus tournament.

 The initial drawing of the idea that became my first published paper (November 2011).