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Tuesday Morning Agenda

Opening and Welcome Scavenger Hunt — in groups, explore built in apps

Overview of Educational Use of iPads - (Ten Ways to Use Mobile Media) Presentation

Tips and Tricks with the iPad
  • screen shot (how to take one and where to find it afterwards)
  • rotation lock
  • Setting Restrictions: limiting in-apps purchasing and the deletion of apps
  • special characters for foreign language
  • alpha/numeric quick toggle
  • Insertion, copy/paste, select
  • creating folders (organization)
  • apps running in background
  • wiggly apps with “x” - what it is, what it means, what to do
  • differences between original and new iPads as there will be a mix in the group - Mirroring, camera
  • .com, .org, toggle
Project Time

App Share/Smackdown - Share the lessons and apps

Administrators and School Leaders:
Craig's iPad for Admin Workshops
Classroom Observation Tools
Observation 360 

LoTi Observer
Using the iPad for Paperless Walkthroughs (for free!)
Daily Walkthroughs with GoogleApps and the iPad

Managing iPads Additional Accessories
  • VGA Adapter
  • ProScope
  • iPevo document camera
  • Toggle Box
  • Safeware as an option for insuring
  • Stylus
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