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March 31, 2015 | High School to College: Reprise and Next Steps

On March 31, Cranston West High School hosted an ILART event titled, "High School to College: Reprise and Next Steps. " The event was a follow up discussion about the high school to college library transition. Susan Samotey Evje reviewed the results of her research about what information literacy skills college librarians felt that college freshmen were lacking. Mary Moen provided an update of her analysis of Patricia Owens' "A Transition Checklist for High School Seniors," examining the results from last spring’s ILART discussion. 

The discussion concluded with an effort to brainstorming ideas about how to take action related to information literacy in Rhode Island, as well as imagining what collaboration could look like among librarians and interested groups across RI. We began a list of librarians wishing to collaborate on transition topics in the classroom, library tours, research purposes, and beyond. Join us! If you are interested in collaborating, please add your name to the list here. As a part of our discussion, we agreed to create a Google site to extend the conversation online. Please join our Google group to discuss information literacy across RI here. Click the "Apply for Membership" link to join.