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2015 October is Information Literacy Month Celebration: Celebrating Lifelong Learning Across Rhode Island

Co-hosted by RILA's Information Literacy Action Round Table and School Librarians of Rhode Island
October 26, 2015
Cranston Public Library


“The Scholarly Research Process at the Elementary Level” Carrie Kelly, Gorton Jr. High & URI Libraries

This interactive Prezi shows teachers and librarians how to mimic the college level research process at the elementary level by providing a road map to information literacy instruction that simulates and simplifies the LIB 120 information literacy class at URI.

“Research Coach” Kerry Caparco, Johnson & Wales University

This presentation will explain the program, “Research Coach,” which is a collaboration between Harborside Campus librarians and MBA Professors in order to assist graduate students with in-depth research. Johnson & Wales MBA program has a high percentage of international students who may need additional library support to succeed in an American educational setting.

“My Wicked Good Web Tools” Lisa Zawadzki, Cranston Public Library

This presentation demonstrates free, easy to use web tools that are useful to all kinds of librarians.  Learn about great image sources and editors, web page creators, file converters, audio and video tools, and much more.

“First Year Information Literacy Assessment @ Bryant University” Mackenzie Dunn, Bryant University, Krupp Library

Bryant University librarians worked with faculty to develop an assessment tool that would gauge first-year students’ information literacy backgrounds, abilities, and attitudes. As we analyze the results from this survey, we hope that the data will provide valuable insights about incoming students’ prior research experiences and knowledge. We plan to use these findings to develop strategies for improving information literacy education at Bryant.

“Wheel of Collaboration” Karisa Tashjian, ALL Access

This session will highlight the innovative partnership among public libraries and community organizations as part of Adult Lifelong Learning (ALL) Access.  Over the past two years, the Providence and Cranston Public Libraries, RIFLI, Tech ACCESS of RI and other partners and libraries have come together to collectively impact the digital literacy, education and workforce development of adults in RI.

"Problem-Based Learning in Academic Library Research Education" Elliott Stevens and Andria Tieman, Providence College

In academic libraries, three constraints that librarian instructors have to contend with are a lack of instruction time, a shortage of faculty involvement, and a dearth of student interest. In order to address these problems, Andria Tieman and Elliott Stevens have developed a pair of Problem-Based-Learning instruction sessions that aim to encourage faculty collaboration and student critical thinking.

“Information Literacy Instruction at the URI Curriculum Materials Library” Thomas Baer, University of Rhode Island

The Curriculum Materials Library at URI provides Information Literacy Instruction to future teachers as well as equipping those teachers to develop information literacy skills in the next generation. Our tabletop presentation will include a photo of our book display on Information Literacy. We will also show a sample of the “Kits” Collection to illustrate one way information literacy theory is realized in the CML. Kits include a variety of content specific instruction material and are a favorite tool of aspiring teachers.

“Information Literacy at St. George’ School: Teaching Lifelong Skills in a College Preparatory Environment” Laura Hooper, St. George’s School

This presentation will highlight how librarians and faculty collaborate to help secondary students at St. George’s School develop lifelong information literacy skills in a scaffolded structure over four years, sending them off to college and beyond with a strong foundation in research and critical thinking.

“Pilot to reduce 1st Year IL Overload” Tish Brennan and Dragan Gill, Rhode Island College

The First Year curriculum has become a place to load up on information literacy/research fluency: perhaps overload. The library faculty at RIC has started a collaborative pilot project to simplify and reduce the number of Research Fluency concepts/learning behaviors that make up the focus of our teaching efforts, as well as the assessment focus of the FYW faculty, in hopes of getting more solid take-away of a few key Research Fluency learning behaviors. A “less is more” approach.

“Laddered Information Literacy for Engineering Undergraduates: Practical and Theoretical Issues” Peter Larsen, University of Rhode Island

Engineering undergraduates at research universities notably do not use library research in their majors during the first 2-3 years of their study. This presentation describes the development and current state of an information literacy program for engineering undergraduates.

“Financial Literacy @ Your Library” Chris Wallace-Goldstein, Woonsocket Harris Public Library

Chris is a member of the Rhode Island Library Association's round table on Financial Literacy and Co-Chair of Money Smart Week committee. He will have a slide-show presentation of some of the topics and past programs on free financial literacy programs in public and academic libraries in RI for the past 4 years.

“Beyond the Classroom: What’s Happening with Teens and Digital Literacy in Public Libraries”  Jenn Cournoyer, Cumberland Public Library and Rebecca Ott, Johnston Public Library

Jenn and Rebecca will present simple, fun programming ideas that public libraries are using to increase digital literacy in middle and high schoolers. 

“Book Discussion Groups for Young Patrons” Babs Wells, Children’s Librarian Greenville Public Library

The “Share a Story Book Discussion” group is for 4th/5th grade students and their parent/caregiver. The aim is to strengthen the bond between the child and parent, promote communication and a sense of community.

“If You Craft It, Teens Will Come: Minecraft for Your Library (and Your Budget)” Christina Dufour, Thayer Public Library, Braintree, MA

This presentation explains what Minecraft is and contains information about the different versions and their costs as well as considerations for planning programs.