I am a Post-Doc at ISISLab (Dip. Informatica, Università di Salerno).

My research interests are in the Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and Work fields. I am interested in the design of systems able to support collaboration in a wide set of scenarios, including debating, decision making, working activities (in particular in the software development context) and learning (in a computer supported face-to-face context as well as through mobile devices).

Recently, my research interests have been focused on the intregation of collaboration features into existing domain specific applications, in particular in the bioinformatics research field.

In February 2014, I received my 2nd lev. postgraduate Master Degree in Research and Innovation in Life Science (RISS), with a thesis about supporting collaboration among researchers in the Life Sciences field (advisors Prof. Vittorio Scarano and Prof. Roberto Parente).

I gained my PhD Degree in Computer Science on April 2009, defending a thesis with title "Face to Face 

Computer Mediated Communication" (advisor prof. Vittorio Scarano). I presented my studies about Computer Supported Collaborative Work and Learning, paying particular attention to learning scenarios in face-to-face setting. In particular, my contribution was in designing and developing a groupware (CoFFEE) aiming to support colocated learning.

I received my Master Degree in Computer Science (cum Laude) in July 2005 (advisor Prof. Vittorio Scarano).

I defended a thesis about a system using the CVS client of Eclipse to start a peer-to-peer communication among remote users.