Ilaria Frana
Assistant Professor
Facoltà di studi classici, linguistici e della formazione
Viale delle Olimpiadi 1, 94100 Enna, Italy


I earned my PhD from the linguistics department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 2010. My CV

Research areas of interest: natural language semantics, pragmatics, syntax-semantics interface, philosophy of language, psycholinguistics.

Domains of particular interest: modality, attitude verbs, (concealed) questions, polar questions, intensional DPs, discourse particles, (adnominal) conditionals, specificational clauses, relational nouns, anaphora, prosodic effects on semantic interpretation.  

For a more detailed overview of my research interests, and a list of downloadable papers, go to my research page.

Previous Positions

2015 - 2016: Visiting scholar, Linguistics Department, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

2014- 2015: Visiting Assistant Professor, Linguistics Department, University of Connecticut.

2012 - 2014: Visiting Assistant Professor, Linguistics Department, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

2008 - 2012: Postdoctoral Researcher in the research group (Excellence InitiativeNoun Phrases in Intensional ContextsUniversity of Göttingen, Germany. 

2010: Ph.D in Linguistics, University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

For more details, see my CV(pdf)


Since the Fall 2016, I am a faculty member at the University of Enna Kore. Here I teach linguistics courses for BA students as well as students of laurea specialistica (Italian post BA degree) in Languages for Intercultural Mediation (LM/38). My classes range from introduction to Linguistics to more outreach topics such as  language and cognition, sociolinguistics, multilingualism, minority languages, language revitalization and planning. 

For more details, go here


Email: ilaria.frana AT unikore DOT it