I am a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell Tech, hosted by Prof. Rafael Pass and Prof. Elaine Shi.

I completed my Ph.D at the Weizmann Institute of Science, where I was fortunate to have Prof. Moni Naor as my advisor. I received my M.Sc also at the Weizmann Institute under the guidance of Prof. Ran Raz.

I am interested in foundations of theoretical computer science, with an emphasis on cryptography and its interplay with complexity theory. 

Email: lastname at cornell dot edu



  • Collision Resistant Hashing for Paranoids: Dealing with Multiple Collisions
    • Theory Seminar, Boston University (October 2017)
    • Crypto Seminar, Cornell Tech and Cornell University (September 2017).
  • White-Box vs. Black-Box Complexity of Search Problems: Ramsey and Graph Property Testing
  • Evolving Secret Sharing: Dynamic Thresholds and Robustness
  • Be Adaptive, Avoid Overcommitting
  • From Minicrypt to Obfustopia via Private-Key Functional Encryption
    • Eurocrypt Conference, Paris (May  2017)
    • Theory seminar, Ben-Gurion University (January 2017).
    • Oberwolfach Workshop (January 2017).
  • Leakage Resilient One-Way Functions: The Auxiliary-Input Setting
  • How to Share a Secret, Infinitely
  • Threshold Secret Sharing Requires a Linear Size Alphabet
    • Theory Lunch, Weizmann Institute (November 2015).
    • Desert Workshop, Sde Boker (January 2016).
  • Communication with Contexual Uncertainty
    • Faculty Retreat (Weizmann), Eilat (April 2016).
  • Cutting-Edge Cryptography Through the Lens of Secret Sharing
  • Compressing Communication in Distributed Protocols
  • From Single-Input to Multi-Input Functional Encryption in the Private-Key Setting
  • One-Way Functions and (Im)perfect Obfuscation
    • FOCS Conference, Philadelpha (October 2014) 
    • Cryptography Seminar, UCLA (May 2014).
    • GTACS Seminar, Bar-Ilan University (January 2015). 
    • China Theory Week, Shanghai, China (August 2015). 
    • Theory Lunch, Weizmann Institute (July 2017).
  • Secret Sharing for NP
    • Faculty Retreat, Eilat (March 2014).
    • Cryptography Seminar, UCLA (May 2014).
    • Student Theory Lunch, MIT (November 2014).
  • Improved Average-Case Lower Bounds for DeMorgan Formulas
  • Hardness Preserving Reductions via Cuckoo Hashing
  • The Spectrum of Small DeMorgan Formulas
    • Students Seminar, Weizmann Institute (December 2012).
  • Average-Case Lower Bounds for Formula Size