Theme of the Conference

Sustainable Development of Library and Information Science Profession



Theme is divided into several sub-themes as detailed below, but not necessarily limited to:


    1.     LIS Education, Research and Training

Relevance of Ranganathan’s philosophy in digital environment 

Sustainable Development of LIS Education in India

Research trends in LIS

Curriculum Development for LIS

Innovative technologies for Teaching

MOOCS and Role of Libraries

Role of Associations in Development of LIS   


Future prospect of Library Science 


2.     Leadership, Ethics, and Accountability   

in LIS

Leadership in LIS profession

Embedded Librarianship

Ethics and professionalism in LIS

Skills for Librarians

New roles & identities for librarians

Change Management: Issues and Strategies 

3.     Emerging Trends & Technologies in Libraries

Cloud Computing

Linked Data and Data Curation

Trends in Digitization and Archiving

Mobile Applications for Libraries

Information & Data Analysis Tools and Techniques

Library Security

ICT Models and Protocols 

4.     Information Storage and Retrieval Systems

Research Data Management

Big Data and Data mining

Semantic web

Digital conservation and preservation

Metadata Interoperability and Standards

Digital Repositories

Development in Open Source Technologies

Knowledge Management 

5.     Management of Library and Information Centres

Best practices for services in Academic, Public and Special Libraries

Outreach Services of Libraries

Sustainable library building design

Transition from print to electronic

Libraries as community centres

Green Libraries

Innovation Services for Divyang

Promotion and marketing of Library products and Services 

6.     Collection Development and Resource Sharing 

Consortia practices and model

Electronic Resource Management

Information Literacy

Document Delivery and resource Sharing

Major issues in Resource Distribution

Networking libraries and Information Centres

7.     Librarianship and Social Networking

User Relationship Management

Social Networking Websites

Tools & Technology of SNSs

Social Media and Applications in Libraries

Web 2.0 Technologies and its Applications 

8.     IPR: Role of Libraries

Intellectual property rights: National and International Efforts

Ethics of Publication

Digital Rights managements

Licensing and Fair Use

Plagiarism: issues and challenges

Cyber Laws