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Wayne Fischer, Naperville Post 43 member, announces his run for the
2019-20 Department of Illinois Senior Vice Commander position.

I am a 35 year Paid Up for Life member of the American Legion.   I earned this eligibility thru my service in the United States Marine Corps, serving in Vietnam as a Helicopter Pilot supporting all US Operations from September 29th, 1967 thru October 1968.

I have honorably served as Post 43 Commander for 4 years; DuPage County Commander; 11th District Commander and 2nd Division Commander.   During my tenure as 2nd Division Sr. Vice Commander and as 2nd Division Commander, the 2nd Division exceeded 100% of the previous years’ membership both years.   This was due in large part to the exceptional work and effort of the District officers in the 4 Districts making up the 2nd Division.  It was a pleasure to work with them.

As part of my ongoing commitment to my fellow Veterans and the 4-Pillars of the American Legion, I have served on the District and Division VA&R Commission.  I also currently serve on the National Security Commission for the Department.  I have also served on the Staff at Illinois Premier Boys State and was on the Premier Boys State Board of Directors for 2 years.   Currently I serve on the National Youth Education Commission representing the Department of Illinois.  Finally, I am an active member of the Department of Illinois Leadership Team.

I am fully committed to, and consider it an honor to serve my fellow Veterans; our Youth; our Communities; and for certain, our Active Duty Military. 

                                               Thank You-

                                               Wayne Fischer