Wayne Fischer, Naperville Post 43 member, announces his run for the

2019-20 Department of Illinois Senior Vice Commander position.

I am a 35 year Paid Up for Life member of the American Legion.   I earned this eligibility thru my service in the United States Marine Corps, serving in Vietnam as a Helicopter Pilot supporting all US Operations from September 29th, 1967 thru October 1968.

I have honorably served as Post 43 Commander for 4 years; DuPage County Commander; 11th District Commander and 2nd Division Commander.   During my tenure as 2nd Division Sr. Vice Commander and as 2nd Division Commander, the 2nd Division exceeded 100% of the previous years’ membership both years.   This was due in large part to the exceptional work and effort of the District officers in the 4 Districts making up the 2nd Division.  It was a pleasure to work with them.

As part of my ongoing commitment to my fellow Veterans and the 4-Pillars of the American Legion, I have served on the District and Division VA&R Commission.  I also currently serve on the National Security Commission for the Department.  I have also served on the Staff at Illinois Premier Boys State and was on the Premier Boys State Board of Directors for 2 years.   Currently I serve on the National Youth Education Commission representing the Department of Illinois.  Finally, I am an active member of the Department of Illinois Leadership Team.

I am fully committed to, and consider it an honor to serve my fellow Veterans; our Youth; our Communities; and for certain, our Active Duty Military. 

                                               Thank You-

                                               Wayne Fischer

Its never too early to begin recruiting young men for the next session of Illinois Premier Boys State.  If you know a young man that will be completing his junior year of high school next spring, encourage him to enroll in Boys State.  For all Division/District/Post Boys State Chairman, now is the time to begin putting the word out to teachers, counselors, principals, etc., about the program.  If you need help, JUST ASK!  
Just so you know, the 2nd Division sent more boys last year than any other Division (193), and the 11th District sent more than any other District (77).  Although those numbers are good, we need to work to try and double those numbers for 2019.  We need each post to send one more boy than last year. 

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Charles Lynch,
Oct 14, 2014, 8:33 AM