My Wine Book

Keeps track of your favourites wines

MyWineBook keeps track of your favourites wines and help cellar's management in a nutshell. 

MyWineBook is composed of two areas: MyWineBook private & MyWineBook public

- MyWineBook private- 

Thanks to MyWineBook, you will never forget a good wine or champagne you tasted at friends place, at a business diner, in a restaurant, etc… 

In addition, you can manage your cellar with easy monitoring of the number of bottles and your cellar's value.

-Track a variety of information about your favorites wines such as name, type, ,region, varietal ,country, year, food pairing, price, bottle into your cellar.

-Dispose from a free notes text per record to register additional information.

- Benefit from the QuickPic feature to take a photo instantly which will be waiting for you later on to complete wine's information.

MyWineBook private contains your wines record that are synchronise with all your devices.

Please download MyWineBook for free. 

Get free credits by sharing your records to MWB public or purchase credits via the in-app purchase.

With MyWineBook you can: 

- Rate your wines and champagne from 1 to 5 grapes. 

- Use the camera to take a photo of the bottle label or select it from the Camera Roll. 

- Select varietals from the provided list or adapt it to meet your needs.

- Pair each wine with the best meal by easily creating your own meal list.

- Select among countries and region lists for each wine. 

- Easily manage your cellar with a dedicated view sorted by the your own criteria. 

- Dispose from the free note field to register anything additional. 

- Share your favorites wines with any friend by email, MMS or post wines'photos to Twitter or Facebook. 

- MyWineBook public - 

Browse through wines shared by other MWB users.

Search a public wine by keyword via the dedicated search menu.

Look at wines review and post your own review

Download a record to your private area including wine label image

Looking for a wine shops before a dinner or a wine bar after the dinner?

You can now find out the nearest wine bars, wine shops and wineries around you.

Get details information about each location and locate them on the built-in map.

Please contact us via the dedicated menu into the settings page for any support or suggestion.