Principal-in-charge : Fujino Takashi

Project team : Negish Akira Morita Tatsuya

Consultants : Sukegawa Emiko/Structural Design firm Accurate

General Contractor : Kenchikusha Shiki Inc.

Design : 2013.3 - 2014.11

Construction : 2015.6

Structural system : wood

Story : 1 stories

Total floor area : 151.97㎡

Program : house



Living beside the field.

I was requested the house in the northern Kanto for young married couple and their children who move on from the metropolitan area. They will start to live enjoying the nature and associate with the local community in here. Looking around the vicinity, a lot of house is surrounded by hedges and shed, firm implements and clump of tree was standing along. The houses keep distance from outside of site so the calm life in here is existed even there are many acquaintances. I thought, I want to create the architecture as same as this broad landscape.

I decide to surround the living area till the end of the site and assigned 60% of area as external space. This space is external room that bigger than whole floor print. The floor remains at ground, inclines slightly along the natural feature, creates modest gullies and hills. If it rains the small river flows, unknown seeds come into bud and if there is nothing happen, naturally the haunt of small stone and sheded leaves are occure. Here is like a field.

Here is not planed so much as a garden but is not rejecting all as wilderness, is a familiar place without the control of residence. I named this natural place as “ Room of field”. If the Japanese garden is defined as creating artificial nature by making use surrounding landscape in it, here is the small nature which remained intentionally in this site in order to continue with the surrounding landscape.

Moreover the internal space such as an entrance, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a lavatory, a bay window, a sunroom, a child's room and a bedroom, and the external space such as an engawa; Japanese loggia, an outdoor sink, a desk, an eaves, a storage shelf and a concave part of wall surround it. With the wall go away from internal space, the wall is being lower and lower, the surroundings gradually flow into the site. At the lowest point of site, the neighbor' s trees overlap above the wall and connect with green. Through the big open entrance, “Room of field” continues with a field and a mountain, it means daily life and a far landscape are engaged without a break.

The space is going on endlessly, crossing the field, crossing a field, mountain and sky. Architecture cut into area from this enourmous space to make limited space. Nevertheless the role of architecture is making people to feel the unlimited expanse of space as well. So I think “Room of field” is like a large door that leads the residence’s consciousness toward outside.

After completion of this house, the husband commute from here to central of metropolitan area. In the situation that commuting between urban place and rural place, the changing nature and surroundings always make him to feel daily occasion such as a “Here is one place , now is one time”.To know the expense of the outside is to know where I am now.

担当 : 藤野高志 根岸陽 森田達也

構造設計 : 助川恵美子/アキュレート構造設計事務所

施工 : 建築舎四季

設計期間 : 2013.3 - 2014.11

竣工 : 2015.6

主体構造 : 木造

階数 : 地上1F

延床面積 : 151.97㎡

用途 : 住宅