HLJ Headquarters

Principal-in-charge : Fujino Takashi

Collaboration : Annaka architectural design consultation office

General Contractor : Tokugawagumi Inc.

Design : 2007.02 - 2007.06

Construction : 2007.11

Structural system : steel

Story : 3 stories

Total floor area : 3,953.60㎡

Program : Office + Warehouse

The space which there is in the rural district

Our plan was finally chosen, while several companies give presentation, and this project was realized.

This is company building of HobbyLinkJapan; introduce a Japanese toy to the world and sell it. In form such as the spaceship, a lot of toys before it is shipped are put away.

"It is wide as possible in the warehouse which is simple at high density" was demanded in site of 7800㎡ here. I secure the conducting wire of the general car and a car for transportation, I arranged parking lots for 32 general car and truck yard for 11t car, and it is a building of the one volume having office space of 500㎡ and warehouse space of 3,500㎡. To reduce the burdens of the friction stake on the weak ground, I lightweight the various parts of the building. Choosing steel floor and lightweight roof materials, I seemed to design the industrial product. The overhang of 5M of the front becomes the office space of the second floor, the height of the building is reflected to the height of the rack.

Sano inter-industrial housing complex is in the rural scenery of the low mountains to a back. As a season gets worse, a rural district to project the sky on like a mirror in early summer turns strong green, gold, light brown and become the pure white plain in a snowy season. Straw burnt in spring forms haze again, the smell tells us about the change of the season. It was about early summer that construction began. A duck made a nest at the center of the site, when I walked around the site that the air is thick with the fumes of grass for the fixed ruler, Nature is a rich place such here.

Because I do not want to separate nature and duties space spreading out around a building, I put up an office in the second floor and assume a rural district side the full-scale glass which took an anti-heat measure, t is provided a high sidelight from the east for where a ceiling is high and led a skylight. In the warehouse, I assume a gap of 40 centimeters of the rack upper part a wide consecutive window, so it can overlook a blue sky while avoiding direct rays of the sun.

Duties opposite to a computer screen with the access from all over the world last beyond a time difference with no noon or no night. The rural district spreading out under eyes change an expression every moment like the morning and the afternoon or summer and winter. I wanted to be related computer duties to be connected all over the world and nature which changes endlessly. I designed it with such a thought.

HLJ 本社屋

担当 : 藤野高志

恊働 : 安中建築設計相談事務所

施工 : 株式会社 徳川組

設計期間 : 2007.02 - 2007.06

竣工 : 2007.11

主体構造 : 鉄骨造

階数 : 地上3F

延床面積 : 3,953.60㎡

用途 : 事務所+倉庫