It is the one that the farming tool hut in the Nakanojo-town Minohara district was dismantled and reconstructed.

This small construction had been built in a quiet field. An artistic look was obtained by eroding wind and rain now after it had been made by hand tens of years ago, but the beauty doesn't notice because it assimilates into the scenery of the mountain hamlet too much.

The person cannot equally grasp the environment and the art. The meaning changes according to nature or human work. Nature to become shape, color, sound, and smell and to make us pleasant is too big, stenciled and fleeting so we are made to think that nature and the human made art are another. The brain order to me "Accept the beauty of nature as natural", and then the borderline of the environment and the art is unconsciously pulled. Therefore, a lot of beauty is not noticed in scenery in Nakanojo.

For example, veins of a leaf, beetle's back, towering cloud in summer, sound of raindrops, and barn. Barns in Nakanojo exceeded the borderline though were not the natural phenomenon and it seemed that it was even changeable to natural beauty. It has melted to the environment too much.

Here, one of the barns is put in the frame of pure-white room, and an original color and shape is made to stand out. It looks imperfect such as Piece of fish's scale beauty. Though the person made it before, this exhibit is like the fragment peeled off from natural environment by force, so it shakes the borderline of the environment and the art that exists under our consideration.

Name : Nakanojo Biennale

Venue : Nakanojo

Principal-in-charge : Fujino Takashi

Collaboration : SNARK Maniackers Design

Design : 2010.08 - 2011.07

Dates : 2011.08.20 - 2011.10.02

Exhibits : barn










恊働:小阿瀬直建築設計事務所 Maniackers Design

設計期間:2010.08 - 2011.07

展示期間:2011.08.20 - 2011.10.02