iPhone Applications

  IPEToolbox    An IP Network Engineer's Toolbox (FAQ).

A collection of tools to help an IP Network Engineer or Designer check subnet allocations, route summarisation, and configuration register settings (for Cisco routers).
  • The IP Subnet Calculator includes finding next/previous subnet and provides additional information on subnets being used (e.g private range, link local range etc.)
  • The Aggregate tool calculates optimal aggregates given a range of IP addresses (for use in route summarisation and to assist in constructing access lists).
  • The Configuration Register tool gives you configuration register values for all common (and not so common) settings. It also provides additional information for the given configuration register value, including console speed settings.
  • VoIP bandwidth calculator tool. Estimates bandwidth requirement given the voice codec, payload size and various other information (added in v1.2, currently under AppStore review). Also gives call blocking probability given estimated traffic in Erlangs and number of voice channels.
Some screenshots (click on image for the full view):