The Chicago Athletics 




So why baseball?  Well, who knows where I would be today if not for baseball.  Even though my professional career is completely unrelated to baseball in any way, I probably wouldn't have the job I have if not for baseball.


I've played baseball for nearly my entire life (except those bits at the beginning before I could pick up a bat).  


So my baseball related projects include:

The Chicago Athletics:  The 18-and-over baseball team I play for in a weekend Chicago-area league.  

PitchF/X:  I'm really not entirely sure what direction I want to go with the PitchF/X data that is offered through Sportsvision and MLBAM.  While interesting, the traditional field of sabermetrics really doesn't strike my fancy, as traditionally sabermetricians want to look at the game from the perspective of manager, general manager, or league commissioner...the least interesting people in the game in my opinion.  I'd much rather look at statistical data from the point of view of a player.

Coaching:  I call this a project, because I really do it purely out of the enjoyment I get from just being around baseball.  Thus far, two friends of mine have asked me to teach what I can about pitching to their sons.   One is 11, the other 14.   While what I can offer are only the things I've picked up along my own life, I do from time to time look for other resources so that I might further help these kids.  I consider it preparation for the time that I have a son of my own (and God help me if the kid wants to play soccer).   In addition to this, I am also coaching myself somewhat.  The unfortunate thing about playing not-quite-so-organized baseball, is that the availability of someone to point out the bad habits you are getting into mechanically is essentially nil.  So I am trying to collect together a video archive of myself pitching for the express purposes of improving my own mechanics and keeping my arm healthy enough to continue to play for many years.