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EYOC 2009

05 July 2009
Sprint Results: Good Irish form continues
The EYOC junior squad report from Serbia: A fantastic finish to a superb week with the Irish Juniors placing another solid performance in the final race of EYOC 2009.  The day started with all athletes heading to the quarantine area for 08:45 as the sprint was being held in the town of Kopaonik itself.
Best performance in M18 was Seán Knight placing a top 50 position (48th)running 1.9km in 13min 49secs, with Pádraig Mulry and Conor Short close behind with 66th (14.59) and 69th (15.20) positions respectively (M18 map here). Best performance in M16 was Eoin McCullough in 56th placing a time of 13mins dead for 1.8km followed by Jack Millar, Laurence Quinn and Cillin Corbett in 58th (13.11), 61st (13.51) and 71st (16.07)respectively (M16 map here).  Full results available at EYOC website here.   Much praise is due to team leader and coach Greg McCann who provided continuous support, encouragement (and patience) which the Juniors could not do without.   The end of one major international competition marks the beginning of another with the Junior World Orienteering Champs starting tommorow in Italy, so stay tuned and look out for updates!

M18 (1.9km, 60m climb) (96 competitors) (link to map with course)
1. Antonio Martinez Perez, Spain 10:49
2. Andreas Boesen, Denmark 10:59
3. Jiri Necas, Czech Republic 11:15
48. Sean Knight 13:49
66. Padraig Mulry 14:59
69. Conor Short 15:20

M16 (1.8km, 45m climb) (85 competitors) (link to map with course)
1. Andrey Kozyrev, Russia 8:34
2. Andriy Polovinko, Ukraine 9:33
3. Florian Schneider, Switzerland 9:33
56. Eoin McCullough 13:00
58. Jack Millar 13:11
61. Laurence Quinn 13:51
71. Cilian Corbett 16:07

04 July 2009
Relay Results: M16's run the race of their lives (see map here)
The M16 boys beat their arch rivals Great Britain to finish in a fantastic 14th position. This was a very exciting and tense race with each runner coming in ahead of the British team. Jack Millar ran the 1st leg with Cillin Corbett on the 2nd leg and Eoin Mc Cullough completing a great performance.
Not to be out done the M18's put in their own good performance. Setting a target of a top 20 position the boys were laying in 22nd positon at the end of the
second leg and with a great performance Conor Short brought the boys into 19th position - a great result. Sean Knight ran the 1st leg with Padraig Mulry on the 2nd leg. (-Greg McCann)
Results (click for full results including times) (click here for map)
M18 relay (27 teams)
1. Czech Republic
2. Russia
3. Estonia
19. Ireland
M16 relay (23 teams)
1. Czech Republic
2. Switzerland
3. Ukraine
14. Ireland
Right: mass start of M18 relay (Sean Knight, Ireland in centre of photo)
Tomorrow is the final race of EYOC - the sprint - and confidence should be high after today's tremendous performances.
03 July 2009
Long Distance Results (see maps with long distance courses here, also M18 here and M16 here)
Sean Knight (LVO) led the Irish challenge in the M18 category, while Jack Millar (LVO, pictured below) stayed just 4 seconds ahead of Cilian Corbett (CorkO) in the M16 class.
Team leader, Greg, comments: 'While none of the boys were happy with their performances, their times and positions are very respectable at this standard of competition. As one junior commented "that was the hardest race of my life."   Tomorrow, we have the Relay's with Sean and Jack leading their respective teams off. Here's hoping the boys can build on todays results.'
M18, 8.2km, 415m climb (96 competitors)
(link to map with M18 course)
1. Robert Merl, Austria 60:25
2. Mate Baumholczer, Hungary 62:52
3. Felix Haller, Switzerland 62:53
66. Sean Knight 83:07
70. Padraig Mulry 86:41
72. Conor Short 87.21

M16, 6.6km, 360m climb (85 competitors) (link to map with M16 course)
1. Filip Hadac, Czech Republic 50.57
2. Piotr Parfianowicz, Poland 52:20
3. Thor Norskov, Denmark, 52:36
57. Jack Millar 74:36
58. Cilian Corbett 74:40
72. Eoin McCullough 89:21
80. Laurence Quin 105:37

02 July 2009: Start times for EYOC long distance race released
The boys will be starting at (all times GMT +1hour) on Friday July 3rd in the first race, the long distance championships:
M18 Conor Short 10:30am
M18 Sean Knight 12:14pm
M18 Padraig Mulry 12:38pm
M16 Laurence Quin 10:18am
M16 Cilian Corbett 11:06am
M16 Eoin McCullough 11:32am
M16 Jack Miller 12:24pm

27 June 2009
The EYOC races will be at altitudes of 1500 to 2000m, and the 7 members of the Irish team, with Team Leader Greg McCann, are now in Serbia acclimatising and preparing for the competition.  They will train on maps near the competition centre at Kopaonik, until Thursday.  The competition begins of Friday 3 July with the Long Distance, followed by the Relay on Saturday and Sprint on Sunday.  The EYOC website is at
The Irish team:
M18 Sean Knight, Padraig Mulry, Conor Short
M16 Cillin Corbett, Eoin McCullough, Jack Millar, Laurence Quin

Friday July 3rd: Long Distance
Saturday July 4th: Relay
Sunday July 5th: Sprint