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Training March 2011

The Spring time trial and training weekend will be on Sat 12 & Sun 13 March 2011.
This is the final information:

To Do List
-Get Parent Consent form signed
-Check SI card no.
-Tell me your travel plans, collection can be arranged from Busaras or Heuston station if necessary

Very IMPORTANT: Juniors under 18 who are staying overnight MUST bring a signed parent consent form for this year, 2011.  

Outline Plan
Saturday morning
Meet at Knockmaroon Gate of the Phoenix Park at 10:00
Please be on time.  It is very important to make sure you know the Trial route beforehand, and vital to warm up well before running, so you need plenty of time to prepare.
We will check out the course, do a warm-up, & start running the trial as soon as possible after 11:00.
M18-20 run 4 laps.  M16 & W18-20 run 3 laps, W16 run 2 laps, M14 run 1 or 2 laps if they choose, W14 run 1 lap if they choose.
Each lap is 1.2km with about 60m climb.
The provisional running order is attached.  If you can’t run please let me know now so the running order can be changed before the start.  If any 14s want to change their number of laps let me know beforehand also.
Map and previous times are on the IJS website
Please check your SI card no. on the time trial running order and let me know beforehand if there is any change.

Saturday afternoon
Leave for training in Ticknock (Three Rock)  13:00.
A variety of terrain, open mountain with heather, steep but runnable forest, runnable forest with paths & tracks.  Training will include compass work on open mountain (make sure to bring a compass), contouring,  downhill legs, racing practise.
We will be operating training from various centre points, bring a small bag or a coat with big pockets for carrying a little gear – fleece/raincoat & bottle of water.

Saturday evening
To Knockree hostel for dinner.
Evening entertainment – plan for the year, mental preparation, preview Bull Island.
Leave 09:30 for Event on Bull Island, Dublin, information here:

Please let me know how & when you will arrive in Dublin, whether you need a lift to Phoenix Park, and how & when you will leave on Sunday.  There will be lifts available for all from Phoenix Park for the rest of the weekend.

The cost will be about €30 each, to cover accommodation, food & training.  The entry fee for the event on Sunday is not included (probably €4 Junior, €8 Senior, €20 Family).

In Knockree hostel near Enniskerry, all bedding provided
The accommodation has already been paid for based on those who said they would attend – the list is attached.  If you can’t stay let me know immediately & I may be able to change the booking.  Unfortunately I will have to charge the full cost to anyone who doesn’t show without notice.

Dinner will be provided on Saturday, food for breakfast on Sunday (cereal, bread, jam, tea, juice), & material for packed lunch on Sunday (bread, cheese, ham, cereal bars, fruit).  You should bring a packed lunch for Saturday, and any extras you want – energy snacks, drinks, etc.  Knockree is a long way from the nearest shop!

It is proposed to order special Irish junior squad versions of the JK hoodies/sweatshirts - see
This order will have to go in as a block next week.  If you want one of these IJS hoodies/sweatshirts I will be taking orders and payment  on Saturday -they are £20 each.  Minor details such as colour will be sorted out then.

Usual orienteering gear, including SI card.
Shoes with good grip for the trial run
Raincoat & big warm fleece for Saturday plus hat & gloves
Whistle (if you don't bring one I will have whistles for rent for €2 each).
Red pen
Packed lunch for Saturday
Energy snacks for Saturday & Sunday
Consent form.
Plastic bag for map

See you on Saturday