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JHI 2011

JHI 2011
England dominated the JHI this year, winning all but one of the Individual classes, and taking top 3 in both M and W Relays.
There was more interesting competition among the other 3 countries though.  After the first day, where the Juniors had to contend with fog down on the open mountainside of Gortalughany, Scotland were only 7 points ahead of Ireland with the Welsh 3 points further behind.  
At the Relays on Sunday in Necarne the Scottish, Irish and Welsh "boys'" teams were tied on 14 points each, but the Scottish "girls" pulled another 10 points ahead while the Irish and Welsh coaches waited and calculated scoring possibilities.  In the end the Irish prevailed, the Irish Juniors running consistently, with some sparkling performances, in particular from Cliona McCullough and Jack Millar, to increase their lead over Wales and take the Judith Wingham Trophy with an overall margin of 7 points.  This trophy is awarded to the winner of the private competition between Ireland and Wales over the 2 days of the JHI.  
Results for both days including splits are up at

Scoring system: Individual races for up to 4 runners from each country in each of the 6 classes M14, M16, M18, W14, W16, W18.  The best 2 from each country score 8 for 1st, 7 for 2nd, etc. down to 1.
In the Relays there are up to 8 teams from each country, 4 made up of M16/M14/M18 and 4 of W16/W14/W18 running in that order.  The best 2 teams from each country in both M and W score 16, next score 14, etc down to 2.
                Indiv M   Indiv W    Indiv Total    Relay M    Relay W    Relay Total    Final
England       41         39            80                30          30            60            140  
Scotland      30         21            51                14          22            36             97    
Ireland         18         26            44                14         12             26             70  
Wales          19         22            41                14           8             22             63      

JHI 2011
Irish Results - Individual
M14  3.52km 90m                                            W14  2.72km 75m
1st Harrison McCartneyENG M14 29:43            1st  Hannah C-Hughes ENG W14 31:58
Jack finishes the Relay
10th Paul Pruzina         IRE  M14 39:31            2nd Caoimhe O'Boyle IRE W14 32:07
11th Cathal O'Cleirigh   IRE M14 41:45            6th Siobhan Delaney IRE W14 35:53
12th Sandis Rektins     IRE W14 42:05            7th Jill Stephens IRE W14 36:06
15th Peter Meehan IRE M14 62:02            11th Meabh Perkins IRE W14 41:58
M16  5.13km 145m                                            W16 4.19km 135m
1st Aidan Smith     ENG M16 38:31             1st       Megan C-Davies WAL W16 39:53
6th Jonathan Quinn IRE M16 47:04             3rd       Niamh Corbett IRE W16 43:51
13th Harry Millar         IRE M16 59:33             10th Cliona McCullough IRE W16 55:54
15th Shane Hoare IRE M16 123:28           11th Roisin Long         IRE W16 60:40
mp Donal Kearns IRE M16 165:47           13th Aoife McCavana IRE W16 62:21   
M18  6.82km 300m                                            W18  4,77km 125m
1st Jonny Crickmore ENG W18 48:51            1st         Florence Haines ENG W18 39:10
2nd Jack Millar         IRE M18 54:50            3rd     Aine McCann IRE W18 45:56
11th Eoin McCullough IRL M18 68:36            12th Andrea Stefkova IRE W18 79:49
12th Laurence Quinn IRE M18 71:10            13th Siomha Callanan IRE W18 92:49
13th Cillan Corbett IRE M18 74:16            14th Deirdre Ryan IRE W18 96:33

Irish Results - Relay
1st 01:20:18 ENG1  00:26:57 (3rd)         00:16:55 (1st=) 00:36:26 (1st)         Aidan Smith/Harrison McCartney/Jonny Crickmore
5th 01:27:22 IRE1  00:29:07 (5th)         00:19:45 (9th)         00:38:30 (3rd)         Jonny Quinn/Paul Pruzina/Jack Millar
9th 01:35:39 IRE2  00:35:55 (12th) 00:18:53 (8th)         00:40:51 (6th)         Harry Millar/Cathal O'Cleirigh/Eoin McCullough
12th 01:41:06 IRE3  00:36:33 (14th) 00:21:37 (13th) 00:42:56 (10th) Shane Hoare/Sandis Rektins/Laurence Quinn
13th 01:50:34 IRE4  00:43:25 (15th) 00:20:59 (10th) 00:46:10 (11th) Donal Kearns/Peter Meehan/Cillin Corbett
1st 01:25:42 ENG4  00:28:31 (1st)         00:23:06 (10th) 00:34:05 (2nd)         Julie Emmerson/Aimee Morse/Zoe Harding
6th 01:30:05 IRE1  00:32:12 (12th) 00:21:20 (6th)         00:36:33 (6th)         Niamh Corbett/Caoimhe O'Boyle/Aine McCann
11th 01:37:01 IRE2  00:30:47 (2nd)   00:25:39 (12th) 00:40:35 (11th) Cliona McCullough/Siobhan Delaney/Andrea Stefkova
12th 01:42:03 IRE4  00:32:02 (10th) 00:21:38 (7th)         00:48:23 (13th) Aoife McCavana/Meabh Perkins/Deirdre Ryan
14th 02:17:35 IRE3  00:34:27 (13th) 00:35:50 (14th) 01:07:18 (14th) Roisin Long/Jill Stephens/Siomha Callanan

JHI 2011 Ireland Team
W18: Aine McCann, Andrea Stefko, Deirdre Ryan, Siomha Callanan
W16: Aoife McCavana, Cliona McCullough, Niamh Corbett, Roisin Long
W14: Caoimhe O'Boyle, Jill Stephens, Meabh Perkins, Siobhan Delaney
M18: Alex Simonin, Cillin Corbett, Jack Millar, Laurence Quinn
M16: Donal Kearns, Harry Millar, Jonathan Quinn, Shane Hoare
M14: Cathal O'Cleirigh, Paul Pruzina, Peter Meehan, Sandis Rektins

Final Information
Links to the maps:
Gortalughany - Individual Race, Sat 1 Oct
Necarne - Relay, Sun 2 Oct

The Individual event will be on Gortalughany moorland south of Florence Court Forest. Assembly, start and finish will be close to the Gortalughany Viewpoint Car Park (GR 168300). Access to the area is sign posted from the A32 approximately 15 Km south of Enniskillen. The approach is along narrow country lanes with a series of narrow and steep zigzags to reach the small car park. Extra parking will be along the road beyond the car park. It is an exposed place in adverse weather!  The No Whistle and No Cag No Go rule will be invoked in such circumstances. Please remember to bring them!
M18 Brown, 7.1km 300m
M16 Blue2, 5.1km 145m
M14 Lt Green2, 3.5km 90m
W18 Blue1, 4.8km 125m
W16 Green, 3.5km 110m
W14 Lt Green1, 2.7km 75m

Terrain Notes
The terrain is open with some areas of scrub woodland. The ground is a mixture of wet bogland and relatively dry karst grassland. Wild fires this spring have greatly reduced the thick heather cover; it remains a physically demanding area. There are a great many depression features a small number of which are dangerously deep potholes; less obvious ones will be marked on the ground with Yellow and Black tape; courses have been planned to avoid them. There are extensive areas of rock and contour detail with few line features.

Map Notes
Up-to-date versions of the maps will be used. There are however only minor differences mainly with improved runnability.  2 things to note: on Gortalughany there is an unusual symbol for exposed peat on the peat cuttings and at Necarne there will be unmarked horse electric fences which will be switched off! and do not impede progress very much. (duck and roll or step through!!!)

JHI Notes
Accommodation will be split among 3 sites with 2 teams (Ireland and Wales) staying at Gortatole OEC, a third at Benaughlin self-catering cottages 5 miles East from Gortatole, and the fourth at self-catering cottages at the Corralea Centre 5 miles West of Gortatole. All bedding supplied; bring own towels. The Saturday evening meal and get-together will be at Gortatole. Charge for the weekend will be £55.  All food (Saturday/Sunday), accommodation (Friday/Saturday) and races are included in this price.

For Saturday afternoon bring your swimsuit/shorts just in case we get the chance to go for a swim -there is a leisure centre with swimming pool in Enniskillen. Dinner at Gortatole for all will be at 6.30 pm followed by prize giving and social.

The Sunday Relays will be at Necarne Equestrian Park and Forest. [This is on the outskirts of Irvinestown 15 miles North of Enniskillen. The terrain is mostly open parkland with areas of generally runnable woodland, both deciduous and conifer. It has a track and path network. The parkland is crossed by semi-permanent electric fencing for stock control. It is unmapped but poses no danger or serious impediment to running. We hope to have showers available at the nearby Bawnacre recreation centre to enable teams to head home clean and early!  

[NB: the relay is a closed event for JHI participants only]

Irish Junior Orienteering Squad Irish Junior Squad,
25 Sep 2011, 11:10
Irish Junior Orienteering Squad Irish Junior Squad,
25 Sep 2011, 11:19
Irish Junior Orienteering Squad Irish Junior Squad,
25 Sep 2011, 11:11