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JHI 2010

This year the JHI was organised to coincide with the Park World Tour coming to Perth in Scotland.  Ireland sent an almost complete team of 22 Juniors.
Complete Results are here, and results of the Compass Sport Cup event which was run alongside on Sunday are on the Interlopers website.

The Relays were held on Saturday at Kinnoull Hill just outside Perth, used for Day 2 of the Scottish 6-day 2009.  An early start left time to watch some of the World's Elites compete in the PWT Sprint in Perth in the afternoon.
The Individuals were on Sunday at Devilla southeast of Stirling, scene of the VHI Relays in 2003.


1st  England     79:38
7th  Ireland 1   90:12 Niamh Corbett, Caoimhe O'Boyle, Andrea Stefkova

11th Ireland 2  122:09 Cliona McCullough, Jill Stephens, Aine McCann

13th Ireland 3  166:55 Deirdre Ryan, Roisin Long, Laura Cox

n/c  Ireland     31:33 Megan Getliff 

1st  Scotland    81:35
8th  Ireland 1   90:59 Jack Millar, Jonathan Quinn, Sean Knight
11th Ireland 2  115:15 Mark Stephens, Cathal O'Cleirigh, Conor Short
12th Ireland 4  122:45 Laurence Quinn, Donal Kearns, Colm Moran
mp   Ireland 3  114:46 Alex Simonin, Peter Meehan, Cillin Corbett

After the relays on Saturday Ireland had a lead over Wales for the first time in many years: Scores were England 54, Scotland 50, Ireland 24, Wales 16.

Saturday afternoon was spent in Perth cheering on the Irish runners in the Park World Tour.

The days racing came to an end with an enjoyable meal and Ceili.


The Individual racing brought some good weather and the sun was out. The terrain was woodland with knee high heather, chest high fern and an extensive path network. Although there were no podium places achieved the combined efforts of all the Irish team were enough to hold onto 3rd position and keep the lead over the Welsh.  Final points were England 125, Scotland 119, Ireland 61, Wales 45, and Ireland brought home the Judith Wingham trophy.

Big congratulations to everyone who participated in this team effort and made this weekend as enjoyable and memorable as it was – all the Juniors, and Leaders Greg McCann, Ruth Lynam, Mike Long, Sharon Shaw, Kathryn Walley.  Now the standard has been raised for next year’s Irish Junior Squad and the aim is to keep this trophy!

W14 3.7km (15)
1  Rachel Emmerson ENG 34:28
7  Caoimhe O'Boyle IRL 40:42
12 Roisin Long     IRL 56:22
13 Megan Getliff   IRL 59:25
14 Jill Stephens   IRL 60:46

W16 4.8 km (13)
1  Lucy Butt         ENG 43:52
7  Niamh Corbett     IRL 50:12
11 Cliona McCullough IRL 58:17
12 Deirdre Ryan      IRL 72:57

W18 6.3km (13)
1 Charlotte Watson ENG 55:02
6 Aine McCann      IRL 65:41
9 Andrea Stefkova  IRL 70:24
  Laura Cox        IRL dnf

M14 3.9km (15)
1  Alistair Thornton ENG 31:14
4  Jonathan Quinn    IRL 34:27
11 Cathal O'Cleirigh IRL 49:05
13 Donal Kearns      IRL 69:30
14 Peter Meehan      IRL 88:40

M16 6.3km (14)
1  Christopher Galloway SCO 47:26
6  Jack Millar          IRL 51:51
9  Alex Simonin         IRL 60:42
11 Laurence Quinn       IRL 61:28
13 Mark Stephens        IRL 73:07

M18 8.3km (13)
1  Jamie Stevenson SCO 60:16
5  Sean Knight     IRL 65:34
10 Conor Short     IRL 68:15
11 Cillin Corbett  IRL 68:39
12 Colm Moran      IRL 72:07

Park World Tour

Many of the JHI competitors, including some of the Irish team, arrived early in Scotland & took part in the Park World Tour Prologue race in Scone, just outside Perth, on Friday 10th.  Notable results were Niamh Corbett 17th , just 2 places & 11 seconds off qualifying for the Final, and Laurence Quinn 19th, 4 places & 20 secs. off qualifying and fastest M16 on the day.

The results are on the Park World Tour website,

JHI 2010
will be in Scotland, based around Stirling, on Sat 11th & Sun 12th September.
The relays will be on Saturday, a change from the usual order, on Kinnoull Hill very close to Perth, a map which will be familiar to anyone who ran at Day 2 of the Scottish 6-day last year.
The team accommodation is in Stirling Youth Hostel.
The Individual race on Sunday is in Devilla Forest south of Sterling.  The Veteran Home used this forest several years ago - the veterans may have some tips... 
Irish Junior Orienteering Squad Irish Junior Squad,
30 Aug 2010, 05:17
Irish Junior Orienteering Squad Irish Junior Squad,
30 Aug 2010, 05:16
Irish Junior Orienteering Squad Irish Junior Squad,
30 Aug 2010, 05:17