Jobs 2018

Postdoc Position

The particle theory group at  the Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia invites outstanding young researchers to apply for a post-doctoral position. 

The areas of interest include grand unification, supersymmetric and extra-dimensional models, flavor physics and CP violation, baryon and lepton number violation, Higgs physics, particle dynamics in the early Universe, collider phenomenology, and lattice QCD, both within the Standard Model and beyond.

The particle physics phenomenology group members are: S. Fajfer (head), B. Bajc, J. F. Kamenik, N. Kosnik, M. Nemevsek, S. Prelovsek Komelj

The position starts in fall of 2018 and lasts until the summer of 2020.

Applications must include a CV, a list of publications, a statement of research interests and the names of two senior scientists who will provide letters of reference. 

The application deadline will be December 1, 2017 and we will follow the "Theoretical High Energy Physics Groups Common Deadline for Postdoc Offers" agreement.

Eligible candidates should hold a PhD degree in Theoretical Particle Physics at the time of the position start.

For further information, and to apply, please write directly to