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The International Journal of Georesources and Environment (IJGE)
is determined and is trying hard to make its publications available to all readers with open access free of charge.
    However, there are significant costs to running and publishing a journal from manuscripts handling, reviewing, publishing, website maintenance to indexing the published papers. Authors are normally levied an Article Publishing Charge (APC) to cover the costs in open access journals.
    IJGE is self supported
. We managed to completely waive the publication fee for the first two years because of the generous contributions of our volunteers and sponsors. However due to the associated high costs, we introduced a nominal fee, which is up to 85% lower than that charged by larger publishers, to make IJGE sustainable.
     We are working very hard to keep our fee at the lowest level possible. To achieve, that we continuously look for financial support from organizations and individuals. We will appreciate any contribution. In return, sponsors will receive a discount on APC and may have their names displayed on the front page of IJGE website, depending on the level of contribution.
If you want to become a sponsor or if you have any questions, please contact us.