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We invite authors to submit their works to IJGE in the following fields:

- Mineral Resources Extraction: topics related to discovery and exploitation of minerals, fossil fuels and other natural raw materials, encompassing mining and petroleum engineering and relevant technologies.

- Materials Processing and Utilization: topics related to processing and utilization of raw and derivative materials (e.g., metals, alloys, composites and concrete), encompassing development, analysis and technologies.

- Geotechnical Engineering and Construction: topics in geotechnical engineering and construction, related to infrastructures (tunnels, highways, bridges, etc.), underground spaces, foundations and slope stability.

- Water Resources and Wastewater Management: topics related to freshwater utilization and conservation, wastewater disposal and management, etc.

- Renewable Energy Development: topics related to development and use of renewable energies, such as geothermal, hydro, wind, tidal and solar energies.

- Geohazards and Environment: topics related to natural geohazards and ground failure, safety or health issues associated to the development and use of the natural resources.

- Field Investigations: topics on field works related to georesources development and geohazards.

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