The International Journal of Georesources and Environment (IJGE) is multidisciplinary and encompasses science, engineering and technology. It provides an international open forum for researchers and practitioners to publish scholarly and high quality original papers, state-of-the-art reviews and case studies in a wide range of topics relevant to development and use of natural resources existing on the Earth and associated environmental issues.
SCOPE: Within the scope of IJGE, georesources refer to the natural resources available on the Earth's surface and in its crust (e.g., minerals, fossil fuels, water, land and renewable energies) that serve as the basis to support modern life. Environmental issues include those associated with the development and use of the resources (e.g., natural geohazards and induced ground stability, safety or health issues).
    IJGE invites submissions in and related to the above areas, analytical and/or experimental research; field investigation, monitoring and assessment; regulations, engineering and technologies. Papers will be published in the following dedicated sections:

Section - Mineral Resources Extraction
    This section covers topics related to discovery and exploitation of minerals, fossil fuels and other natural raw materials, encompassing mining and petroleum engineering and relevant technologies.
    Surface mine slope design, ground stability in underground mining and well drilling are also included.

Section - Materials Processing and Utilization
    This section covers topics related to processing and utilization of raw and derivative materials (e.g., metals, alloys, composites and concrete), encompassing development, analysis and technologies.

Section - Geotechnical Engineering and Construction
    This section covers topics in geotechnical engineering and construction, related to infrastructures (tunnels, highways, bridges, etc.), underground spaces, foundations and slope stability.

Section - Water Resources and Wastewater Management
    This section covers topics related to freshwater utilization and conservation, wastewater disposal and management, etc.

Section - Renewable Energy Development
    This section covers topics related to development and use of renewable energies, such as geothermal, hydro, wind, tidal and solar energies.

Section - Geohazards and Environment
    This section covers topics related to natural geohazards and ground failure, safety or health issues associated to the development and use of the natural resources. Examples include:
    avalanches, landslides, and rockfalls; coast erosion, effects of climate change and permafrost thaw;
    debris flows; earthquakes and tsunamis; subsidence and sinkholes; volcanoes.

Section - Field Investigations
This section is dedicated to field works related to development of georesources, environment and geohazards.

    We invite original research papers in various categories, including but not limited to, design, planning, analysis, experimentation, simulation, field investigation, monitoring, regulations, technologies, etc. Papers on real-life case studies and the state-of-the-art reviews are particularly welcome. 
    We also encourage publication of special / theme issues with focus on specific themes, regions, topics, events, etc. However, all papers must meet the journal standards of quality.
    For more details, please see links at the bottom of the page or contact us.