General Arrangement of the Article

Articles submitted for publication must follow the following format:

The general arrangement of the article ( paper ) should be:
KEYWORDS ( maximum 5 words)

  • Only outstanding case reports providing new information will be accepted.

  • Introduction of the case report without caption, case history and clinical observation followed by treatment/result and discussion, if necessary.

  • Abstract should not exceed 150  words.

  • The  abstract  should be informative and be complete in itself without reference to text, figures or tables and avoid materials and methods.

  • Introduction should be brief and should identify the subject,aims and objectives alongwith the lacunae in earlier work in that field .

  • Avoid detailed review and be restricted to not more than 200 words.

  • Materials and Methods should be complete and precise.

  • Material and Methods should include the design and technique employed.

  • If a well known method  used, citation of relevant authority is sufficient with mention of modification (if any).Insignificant, unessential, common details should not be given.

  • Results and discussion should be combined to avoid repetition and duplication, including mean data and their standard errors, wherever applicable.

  • Tables should be used to avoid lengthy descriptions of results in the text and must be referred to in the text.

  • Illustrations  Photographs, radiographs and photomicrographs should be presented in duplicate as high quality prints or as originals giving details of the article.


References in the text are given as the author(s) and year , i.e. ( Evans , 1961: Smith and Jones , 1990) or Evans ( 1961)

Papers with more than 2 authors are cited as  et al.  , Jones et al. ( 1989).
References in the text within the same parentheses are given in chronological order.
The list of references should  be alphabetical ; references by the same first  author and published in the same year should be labeled a, b , c etc .within the text ( e.g. Smith 1992 a ) and listed sequentially in the reference list.

The format in the reference list is as follows: authors( s) name ( s) and initials , year of publication in parentheses , full title of the article , journal title as abbreviated in the world list of Scientific Periodicals, volume number and page numbers  e.g. Arora ,K.S. , Singh ,J. and Chawla ,R.(1 992) . Indian Vet J. 35: 23-25.

References to book articles should be set out as follows: author(s) name (s) and initials , date of publication , place of publication and pages referred to e.g. Mohanthy ,C. (1991). Diseases of dogs . In : Animal Diseases , 2nd end., Ed: J. Gopal , Academa Publishers, New Delhi . pp 13-127.
The authors are requested to refer the latest issue of the Journal while preparing the MS for the journal.