Invitation for Qualifies Reviewers and Editorial Board Member

The editorial review board is a key part of IJEIS. Researchers and authors are invited to participate in the peer-review process of IJEIS papers if your research interest matches with the themes of call for Papers. 

Reviewers are generally expected to complete their review within one month period. Please return with manuscript in one month or find a competent alternate reviewer, if you are unable to review. Reviews should be constructive and provide feedback to the authors. The completed review form should be electronically returned to IJEIS Editor. 

The review process is double-blind; that is, the reviewer does not know who the manuscript author(s) is and the author(s) does not know who has reviewed the manuscript. All reviewers are acknowledged on IJEIS website, after the publication. Besides, an online certificate will be given to them.

If you would like to become an IJEIS reviewer, you should send the following information to the You will receive an email shortly which lets you know whether you have been selected as IJEIS reviewer or not.

Guidelines for Reviewers

Here are some recommendations for writing reviews that help the authors and improve the quality of the journal manuscripts.

1. The job of a reviewer is to write detailed reviews. Tell the authors why you liked their paper, so that the authors know what made them so successful.

2. Even if reviewer opinion is that the paper is poorly written or poorly thought-out, you can still provide constructive criticisms to help the authors, and in the long run, the conference. Think of your goal as convincing the authors of the paper you're reviewing to submit something else next year, but of such high quality that it will be well-reviewed and easily accepted. Give the authors advice on how to do that.

3. The focus of your review should be on content. Please point out typographic and grammatical errors, unless there are too many of them.
You are not requested to correct mistake/s in grammar, but any help in this regard will be appreciated.

4. Although IJEIS requires all submitted papers to be polished work, all accepted authors get a brief opportunity to improve the presentation of their paper before camera-ready copy is due. Your detailed feedback may help improve a paper, and in a small way, improve the quality of the journal.

5. The unpublished manuscript is a privileged document. Please protect it from any form of exploitation. Reviewers are expected not to cite a manuscript or refer to the work it describes before it has been published, and to refrain from using the information it contains for the advancement of their own research.

6. A reviewer should consciously adopt a positive, impartial attitude towards the manuscript under review. Your position should be that of the author's ally, with the aim of promoting effective and accurate scientific communication.

7. If you believe that you cannot judge a given article impartially, please return the manuscript immediately to the editor with that explanation. Reviews should be completed expeditiously, within 3-4 weeks. If you know that you cannot finish the review within the time specified, please inform the editor.

8. A reviewer should not discuss a paper with its author/s. If you want to consult a colleague or junior please discuss this with us first.  Please do not make any specific statement about acceptability of a paper in your comments for transmission to the author, but advise the editor on sheet provided.