Activity 4

Exploring the concept of path difference 
1.    Click on the blue box and a point P will appear on the screen.

2.    You will also see additional information about the distance S1P and S2P. Take note S1P and S2P have been measured in terms of the number of wavelength.

3.    Drag the slider for Py to vary the vertical position of point P.
4.    Take note of the change that appears to S1P, S2P and |S1P – S2P|.
(Note: alternatively, you may mouse over point P and the cursor will change from a + symbol to a finger symbol J. Click on the point P when J appears and you can move point P about by moving the mouse.)

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Author: Andrew Duffy, Juan M. Aguirregabiria and lookang

Exploring the concepts of path difference

5.    Reset the simulation by clicking on  reset button.
6.    Shift the slider on Px   to move point P along the x-axis.

Exploring the concept of path difference part‎(ii)‎

Activity 4 (continued)
1.    Next, key in the value 0.60 into the box for Px  and press enter.
2.    Click on “S1 only”  to observe the wave from S1 reaching point P.
3.    Click on “S2 only”  to observe the wave from S2 reaching point P.
4.    Click on “S1 and S2”  to observe the resultant wave at point P.

Exploring the concept of path difference part‎(iii)‎

NB:     You are to check with your tutor your understanding of your observation before you proceed to the next section.***
Assessment for learning, Check point for Activity 4, these responses are shared with the best intentions to improve students' collaborative learning :)