Review Process

All papers of the journal are peer reviewed by two independent reviewers. Acceptance is granted when both 
reviewers' recommendations are positive.
Journal issues will be made available online for download (Section: IJCSIS Publication Archives Volumes). 

Peer review purpose:
1. To help select quality articles for publication (filter out studies/research that have been poorly conceived, designed, and executed) with the selection being based upon:
  •     The scientific merit and validity of the article and its methodology
  •     The relevance of the article – select work that will be the greatest interest to the readership
2. To improve the manuscript whenever possible.

3. To check against malfeasance/dishonesty within the scientific and research community.

4. Provide editors with evidence to make judgments as to whether articles meet the selection criteria for their particular publication.

The main functions of the peer review process are to help maintain standards and ensure that the reporting of research work is as truthful and accurate as possible.


Publication Fee
Authors of accepted papers will be requested to fill-in the Paper Registration Form to register their papers. Once a paper is registered, it is published online.

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