Vol. 3 No. 4 April 2012


[Paper-1] A Probabilistic Graph Based Approach for Interactive Image Segmentation and Object Extraction (pages 4-14) [Full Paper PDF]

[Paper-2] An Efficient DNASP TOOL Based Approach for DNA Compression: A Lossless Novel Algorithm (pages 15-24) [Full Paper PDF]

[Paper-3] A Study of Various Metrics for Different Quality Characteristic for Aspect-Oriented Systems (pages 25-32) [Full Paper PDF]

[Paper-4] Review of Particle Swarm Optimization (pages 33-44) [Full Paper PDF]

[Paper-5] Energy and Bandwidth based Fair Queue Scheduling Algorithm for MANET (pages 45-53) [Full Paper PDF]

[Paper-6] Analysis of Intrusion Detection & Emergence in Intermittently Connected Networks (pages 54-62) [Full Paper PDF]

[Paper-7] Analysis of Geographical Routing & Emergence in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks (pages 63-77) [Full Paper PDF]