Vol. 2 No. 7 July 2011


1. Development of neuron based artificial intelligent scientific computer engineering models for estimating shelf life of instant coffee sterilized drink (pages 4-12)

2. An approach to reduce cost of using storage resources during scientific workflow execution on cloud computing environment

(pages 13-20)

3. Digital Advertising over Traditional Advertising (pages 21-29)


4. Secure DWT Based Biometrics Inspired Steganography (pages 30-41)

    5. Simulation Based Performance Analysis of Wired Computer Networks (pages 42-47)

6. Effective Car Monitoring and Tracking Model (pages 48-54)

7. Research Methodology on Agile Modeled Layered Security Architectures for Web Services (pages 55-65)

8. Application Of Residue Number System To Advance Encryption Standard Algorithm (pages 66-72)

9. Secured Data Communication Using Chaotic Neural Network Based Cryptography (pages 73-84)

10. JMF Enabled Video Conference System Based on a Service Oriented Infrastructure for Network Centric Warfare Collaboration (pages 85-93)

11. The Study On Capital Market And Its Behaviour (pages 94-102)

12. Digital water marking using DCT and reversible method (pages 103-109)

13. Speed Control Of Electric Drives Using Soft Computing Techniques (pages 110-117)

IJCIIS July 2011 Vol 2 No 7

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Jul 29, 2011, 7:56 PM