The IJCAI School 2014 is the second of its kind sponsored by the International Joint Conferences of AI, with the first held in Beijing, China, during the summer of 2012. The Second School is being locally organized by the Argentinean Association of Artificial Intelligence (AAIA, a division of SADIO, the Argentine Society on Informatics), which is also in charge of the local organization of the IJCAI main conference to be held in Buenos Aires in 2015.

A working name of the school is “AI: from theory to practice”, as our goal is to bring to 2014 a practical perspective on the technological possibilities of the field, backed by a strong theoretical foundation.  We are currently considering a structure for the school that supports this perspective. It will consist of plenary talks from leading experts in different AI topics with strong experience on a practical, groundbreaking application; followed by one or two courses covering the theoretical foundations.

From a local perspective, the school is expected to attract the focus of the International AI Community to the IJCAI main conference, and to raise the awareness of AI technologies and research in the local informatics community. Within the Argentinean and regional AI community, it is also a great opportunity for students and researchers alike to have a direct contact with some of the leading researchers in the field, a rare opportunity given our geographical and economical disadvantage. And of course, it is also a great opportunity to visit Argentina, a really beautiful place to spend a few days (http://www.turismo.gov.ar/eng/menu.htm).


  • As a special case to all the School Scholarship applicants, the early registration deadline has been extended to August 6th.
  • We can already announce that the course-waiver scholarship has been granted for all applicants, conditioned on the presentation of a certificate of regular student from the corresponding university (undergraduate or graduate), or a certificate proving a graduation date not longer than 1 year from September 1st 2014. A copy of this certificate will be requested during the registration at the School. Alternatively, we will accept a scanned copy of this certificate by email, only if sent from an educational email account (e.g., if your certificate is from the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, we will accept scanned copy sent from any account under the domain @...utn.edu.ar.)